Decathlon – Free delivery this Cyber Monday

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Decathlon have been in touch to let us know that they've got a special Cyber Monday deal.

In addition to all their existing Black Friday discounts, they've now got FREE DELIVERY to most of mainline UK on EVERYTHING ON THEIR WEBSITE!

Decathlon do a great range of kids cycling clothing and accessories which usually fall below the free delivery cut off.

We've highlighted a few of our favs below.

At the other end of the scale they've also just released a longtail cargo bike which would usually incur a £25 (or higher) delivery fee!

Btwin 500 Kids Cycling Jacket

Decathlon cyber monday deals - hi-vis kids cycling jacket

Price: £24.99

Colours: Yellow

Great way to keep dry and visible this winter

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500 Baby Cycling Helmet


Price: £14.99

Colours: Blue

One of the smallest bike helmets available - they also have larger sized helmets for kids and adults of all ages! 

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Btwin 900 Kids cycling jacket

Price: £34.99

Colours: Black/Red

A warm shell layer for winter cycling - your child an wear as an over garmet on dry cold days or layer under a waterproof if it's wet. 

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Btwin rain poncho 900

Price: £29.99

Colours: Pink/Plum

One for mum or dad - use this cycling poncho to keep yourself dry whilst cycling the kids around!

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500 Kids Mountain Bike Helmet

Decathlon cyber Monday - kids cycle helmets

Price: £29.99

Colours: Black/Yellow or White/Red

If you're planning to head out on the trails in 2023 for some family cycling adventures this junior helmet is stylish and practical.

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Front and Rear LED bike lights

Decathlon cyber monday - kids bike lights

Price: £14.99

Colours: Red/White

Keep the whole family visible when cycling this winter with front and rear LED lights. (Did you know it's a requirement of the Highway Code that you MUST have front and rear lights on your bike when cycling at night in the UK?)

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B'Twin Riverside 900 26" wheel bike

Price: £299.99

Colours: Blue

The B'Twin Riverside 900 26 is a good value bike for riding around town and on gentle leisure routes. Suitable for ages 9 to 12 years.  We've just reviewed this bike if you want more details.

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Electric Longtail Cargo Bike R500

Price: £3,499.99

Colours: Light blue / grey

The R500 longtail cargo bike has just been released by Decathlon here in the UK, and is a great way to swap out your local car journeys for a more environmental, low cost and fun way of getting around!

The Cyber Monday deal means you don't have to pay the standard delivery charge which when we checked for our address last week was £25.

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