Cube CMPT double bike trailer – first impressions review

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Good news for anyone looking for a way of transporting two young children by bike and on foot.

Cube have just released their CMPT double trailer, which converts easily between stroller and bike trailer mode, with an additional jogger mode if you’re planning on running too.

Disclosure: This article is being sponsored by Oneway Bike Industry, and they provided us with the trailer featured.

Cube CMPT double kids bike trailer

Maximum load: 42kg
Dimensions in stroller mode: (LxWxH) 63 x 86 x 102 cm
Dimensions folded: (LxWxH) 101 x 69 x 38 cm
Luggage capacity: 70 litres
Suspension: Yes – adjustable
Accessories provided:  Towbar, stroller wheel, flag
Additional AccessoriesJogger Wheel, Thru Axle for adult bike rear wheel
Weight: 18kg
Date of release: March 2023

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Cube CMPT double trailer review
Cube CMPT double trailer easy fit wheels

Out of the box

The Cube CMPT double trailer is very easy to assemble. It comes with simple picture instructions, which you can also download from the Cube website should you need to.

There isn’t much to do to get into stroller mode apart from opening out the trailer and adding the wheels. You can also add the reflectors and light at this point.

The wheels attach with a satisfying click, telling you that they’re in position correctly.

Fitting the Cube CMPT trailer to your bike

To use in trailer mode, you attach one end of the towbar to the trailer and the other to your rear bike wheel.

Before you do this for the first time, you need to attach the trailer hitch to your bike.

If your bike has a rear wheel that uses either quick-release or nuts to secure, then the hitch fits onto the axle beneath the locking mechanism as shown.

If your bike uses a thru-axle, then you need a bespoke one that is designed with a different head so that the trailer hitch attaches securely. This can be purchased directly from a Cube dealer.

Cube CMPT trailer wheel attachment
Side view of the Cube CMPT double trailer attached to rear of adult bike for towing

The towbar attaches to the body of the trailer via a fitment on the front – another satisfying click tells you it’s correctly locked into position. A safety splint then locks the towbar in place.

The other end of the towbar mounts onto the bike hitch and is secured in place with a locking pin.

There’s also a failsafe cord that loops around your bike frame as a backup should the hitch ever fail (or if you’ve forgotten to secure it properly!).

Inside the Cube CMPT double kids bike trailer

The trailer is designed to keep your children comfortable and secure during their journey.

The padded headrests and shoulder straps can be adjusted to suit the height of your child, and the seat back reclined at nap time.

Inside the Cube CMPT double kids trailer
Mesh cover on the Cube CMPT double trailer

The Cube CMPT double kids bike trailer is designed for year-round use with a plastic splash guard that zips around the front of the trailer to keep the kids dry inside.

During warmer weather, you can roll back the waterproof cover and opt for either an open front or use the mesh cover to provide protection from insects.

There’s also what Cube call a “sun shade” which completely covers the front opening. However I think this will also prove useful during nap times year round, as it can be used with or without the splash guard in place.

I doesn’t completely restrict the light as there’s still the side windows, but it should prevent major distractions and encourage a tired child to fall asleep.

Safety features on the Cube CMPT bike trailer

The trailer comes with a battery-operated rear light, reflectors, reflective trim on the trailer body and on the tyre sidewalls.

There’s also a bright orange flag that can be attached to the handle.

The headrest has an indent for helmets so your child’s neck is not misaligned when they wear a helmet, and there’s a three-point harness to keep them in position during the ride.

Wheels and suspension

The 20” wheels are larger than those found on cheaper bike trailers and will help improve the passenger experience, especially when combined with the Schwalbe Big Ben Plus tyres.

To make the ride even more comfortable there is adjustable suspension. This can be set according to how heavy your load is to ensure maximum comfort (and hopefully minimum moaning).

Cube Trailer Suspension on double trailer for towing kids

Storage space in the Cube CMPT double trailer

Kids tend to come with lots of “stuff”, and Cube have provided an impressively large storage space at the rear of the trailer. There’s 70 litres of room for nursery bags or shopping and it’s easily accessible via a wide zip opening.

Obviously how much you can carry will depend on the combined weight of your children, with the maximum trailer load being 42kg.

However, even when your kids are getting towards the heavier end of the range it will still be handy for bulky but lightweight items such as coats.

Rear storage on the Cube CMPT double trailer

Cube CMPT in stroller mode

When you’ve cycled to your destination, the Cube CMPT trailer can be easily converted into a double stroller.

The towing arm can either be left attached to your bike, or if you need to take it with you it unhooks and slips inside a protective sheath that runs around the side frame of the trailer.

The handlebar is adjustable to suit your height and you can keep it in position whilst using in trailer mode so there’s less to do as you’re moving between trailer and stroller.

The front wheel clicks into place and the conversion to stroller mode is complete, ready for you to head off on foot.

When in stroller mode the Cube CMPT has an impressively small turning circle, which makes it far more maneuverable than I thought it would be from looking at the size of it.

If you plan to jog or run with the Cube CMPT then a larger front jogger wheel can be purchased separately.

Cube CMPT trailer in stroller mode - double trailer

Folding down the Cube Trailer CMPT

There’s no ignoring the fact that as a double trailer the Cube CMPT takes up a lot of space.

However, you can fold it down using a mechanism inside the luggage compartment. This flattens the trailer so it’s not encroaching on your space too much.

If you need to make it narrower you can also remove the quick release wheels and store those on top of the trailer body.

Cube CMPT trailer folded down - double trailer for carrying kids
Cube CMPT trailer in use

Final thoughts

The Cube CMPT is a premium double kids bike trailer which converts easily into a stroller, with an optional extra jogging wheel.

If there’s one phrase I’d use to describe the Cube CMPT double trailer it’s “well thought through”.

Cube have clearly considered how parents will be using this trailer in daily life.

Features such as the sun shade, large luggage area, in-situ towbar storage, reclining seats and adjustable suspension show that they’ve thought of both practicality and comfort.

The end result is a mode of transport for two children that’s suitable for both the daily commute and weekend adventures.

The Cube CPMT double kids bike trailer can be bought from your local Cube retailer, or via a number of online bike shops.

The bike trailer is also available in grey/orange.

Editor edit: This trailer has now been put to the test by our family pannel, read our review and what they liked (and didn't!) here.

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