Giant ARX 20

Giant are one of the world’s largest bike manufacturers so it’s not surprising that economies of scale mean they can make a decent kids bike at a reasonable price. However, up until 2019, their kids bike offerings had been rather dated in both design and specification as they’d not kept pace with how quickly the design and specification of quality children’s bikes has progressed recently.

All that changed with the launch of the ARX range.  It’s got all the style, components and quality you want from a lightweight kids bike.

The Giant ARX 20 is the smallest geared offering in the range and is a great all round bike for riding on and off road.

We were very impressed with the bike when we saw it, and our reviewer had a great time riding the Giant ARX 20 to school every day.

You can even get an ARX helmet in a complementary or clashing colour to complete the look!

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Giant Talon 3

The Giant Talon 3 features a lightweight ALUXX aluminium frame with a classic hardtail design. The Talon is a great choice for XC or light-trail terrain and is available in metallic black.

It’s a confident ride that’s perfect for ambitious riders who want to take their off-road skills to the next level.

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Giant ARX 16

Giant are one of the world’s biggest bike brands, and the Giant ARX 16 has everything you’d expect from a single-speed kids bike.

It’s really light (great for when you have to pick it up and carry it) and is fitted with versatile tyres for cycling on lots of different surfaces, child-sized components and comes in a range of fun, bold colours.

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Giant ARX 24

As you’d expect from one of the worlds biggest bike brands, the Giant ARX 24 has all the features we’d expect to see on a quality 24″ wheel kids bike.

However, in a sign of how confident they are with the quality of their bikes, Giant offers a lifetime warranty on their frames, plus 10 years on forks. Your child will have grown out of the bike long before then!

We’ve reviewed the Giant ARX 20 which is the younger sibling to this bike, and were impressed with it’s quality and how it rode.

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Giant ARX 26

Giant are one of the biggest bike brands, and the Giant ARX 26 is their largest geared kids bike. It’s a good all round choice for commuting to school, riding to meet friends at the weekends and perhaps a little bit of off roading too.

Giant use a lot of their own brand components on the bike to keep the costs lower, and whilst they don’t provide weights for their bikes we know from reviewing a smaller bike in the range that it’s comparable to the competition.

Read our review of  the smaller 20″ wheel ARX.

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