Giant ARX 26

Giant are one of the biggest bike manufacturers in the world, and the ARX is their lightweight, all purpose range of kids bikes.

The Giant ARX 26 is the largest bike in the range, and as you’d expect Giant use a lot of their own brand components on the bike to keep the costs lower. Given they know what they’re doing this isn’t anything to worry about!

Giant don’t give weights for their bikes, but we’ve reviewed the smaller 20″ wheel ARX and it came in where we’d expect compared to its competitors, making this a good choice for anyone wanting a bike for a range of purposes – commuting to school, riding to meet friends at the weekends and perhaps a bit of off roading too.

By the time kids get to this age some are becoming a bit more brand conscious and may want to move on from a “child’s bike”. Giant being predominantly an adult brand may help convince an image conscious child that this is a more grown up bike than some that are purely aimed at children.

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