Giant ARX 20

Giant are one of the world’s largest bike manufacturers so it’s not surprising that economies of scale mean they can make a decent kids bike at a reasonable price.   However, up until 2019, their kids bike offerings had been rather dated in both design and specification as they’d not kept pace with how quickly the design and specification of quality children’s bikes has progressed recently.

All that changed with the launch of the ARX range.  It’s got all the style, components and quality you want from a lightweight kids bike.

The Giant ARX 20 is the smallest geared offering in the range and is a great all round bike for riding on and off road.

We were very impressed with the bike when we saw it, and our reviewer had a great time riding the Giant ARX 20 to school every day.

You can even get an ARX helmet in a complementary or clashing colour to complete the look!

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