Breaking news – kids don’t melt in the rain

Today is the end of the 2019 Sustrans Big Pedal. One unexpected revelation from this year’s initiative to get more kids pedalling, scooting and walking to school is that children don’t melt in the rain.

Current parenting wisdom states that children will dissolve upon contact with rainwater, and many parents have taken to hurrying their children indoors at the slightest hint of precipitation.  School journeys are made by car if there is any risk of a rain shower, with many parents preferring to drive every day “just in case”.

However, this week there have been Twitter posts shared of children up and down the UK travelling to school in the inclement weather.

In a further blow to current parenting norms, it appears these children have actually been enjoying themselves!

However, not all parents are convinced with this startling new evidence. We caught up with one parent, Francesca Willoughby Thornton, who was waiting in a large SUV outside her daughter’s primary school with the engine idling.  When shown pictures of children smiling and cycling to school in the rain she grimaced and just audible above the noise of her diesel engine, pointed out that it “just wasn’t safe to let children walk or cycle to school anymore due to all the pollutants in the air”.

A father waiting nearby, who refused to be named, wound down the window of his car exclaiming “There’s no way you’re getting my Sebastian out in the rain. He HATES it and it will make his hair go all frizzy.”

We await to see if cycling in the rain with Sprogs catches on. If you’ve tried this groundbreaking new trend, do please share your experiences in the comment box below. Did your child melt? Or did they actually smile?

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