Danny MacAskill’s Climate Games

If you're looking for a video to both inspire your Cycle Sprog, make their jaw drop and educate them at the same time, look no further than Danny MacAskill's latest mind blowing film "The Climate Games".

Released in time for the COP26 conference it combines Danny's awesome bike handling skills with an important message about renewable energy.

Obviously everything Danny does comes with a huge warning "Do not try this at home".  I for one certainly won't ever look at a wind turbine again in the same way!

However, I do think it could prompt young riders to set up their own climate games to highlight their own bike handling skills and concerns about the environment.

Do enjoy the film - plus the follow up that shows how they actually managed to get such incredible footage.

Do let me know your Cycle Sprog's reaction in the comments below.

Danny MacAskill’s Climate Games film

The making of The Climate Games

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