Cycle Sprog’s Karen features on ‘The Therapy Suite’ podcast talking all things cycling!

Cycle Sprog's, Karen has recently made a guest appearance on Gavin J's 'The Therapy Suite' podcast talking all about the health benefits of children, and parents, riding their bikes. Karen also gives advice on how you can start cycling as a family, the best places that are safe to ride with your children and tips on riding your bike in wet weather.

The Therapy Suite, presented by Gavin J, is run on UK Health Radio focusing on health issues and topics that affect society. Episode 33 is where he speaks to Karen about all things cycling.

During this episode Karen gives her insight to the following topics:

  • Safety issues people should be aware of when cycling with children
  • Key mistakes people should avoid when they start cycling
  • Cycle options for families where not everyone is physically able to ride a bike
  • The cost of bikes and using second hand for younger family members
  • What age should children start cycling

So if any of these topics are of interest to you or your family, you can listen to the podcast here.

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