Kidvelo to release two new balance-to-pedal bikes

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Kidvelo launch two new kids bikes - the rookie 14 and the rookie 18

You know us here at Cycle Sprog, always excited about a new kids bike launch.

So it’s doubly exciting for us to announce there are two new bikes coming from Kidvelo - ready for shipping from 17th October 2022.

The Kidvelo Rookie 14 and Rookie 18 can both start out in balance bike mode, and when your child is ready can be converted into pedal bike mode.

Alternatively, if your child is already pedalling, you can just use them in pedal bike mode from the start.

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Who are Kidvelo?

Kidvelo are a relatively new kids bike brand who launched in autumn 2021 with their Rookie 12 balance bike.  The company was set up by some balance bike industry veterans who knew they could build better bikes and improve balance bike design.

You can read more about their story here, or listen to the Balance Bike episode of the Family Cycling Podcast for even more background on the trials and tribulations of setting up the company during Covid lockdowns!

We've reviewed the Rookie 12 balance bike and were very impressed, so are really excited that the next two bikes in the range are due for release later in the year.

Photos are now available so we can take a peek at these balance-to-pedal bikes.

I'm still not sure if it's two new balance bikes, or two new pedal bikes? Or both?  2 bikes, 4 bikes, who cares?  Let's take a look.....

Kidvelo Rookie 14

Kidvelo launch two new kids bikes - the rookie 14 and the rookie 18

The Rookie 14 means that if your child has outgrown their 12” wheel balance bike you don’t have to make the decision as to whether to go for pedals and hope they learn quickly. Or if you think they’re a way of pedalling you may be tempted to buy a 14” balance bike and hope they don’t suddenly want to progress sooner.

With a balance to pedal bike you get the best of both worlds!

The Rookie 14 is aimed at ages 3 to 6 years, weighs in at 4.7kg and costs £225.

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Kidvelo Rookie 18

Kidvelo launch two new kids bikes - the rookie 14 and the rookie 18

The Rookie 18 is particularly exciting if your child is that bit older or taller, and hasn’t yet mastered pedalling.

You can get them the Rookie 18 to gain their confidence balancing, and then add the pedals when they’re ready.

Or if you've got one child already riding, but aren't sure if a younger sibling will  be pedalling by the same stage the Rookie 18 keeps your options open.

The Rookie 18 is designed for children aged between 4 and 8 years of age, weighs in at 5.5 kg and costs £250.

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These bikes are due in the UK mid October (in plenty of time for Christmas), but I’ve spoken to Kidvelo founder Karen Wood to find out more about how these bikes work.

How easy is it to switch between balance bike and pedal bike mode?

The Kidvelo Rookie Convertible Balance Bikes easily switch to lightweight pedal bikes, by installing the Easy-fit Pedal-kit.  It only has two bolts, and no rebuild of the bike is needed.

How long does it take to switch between the two modes?

Only a couple of minutes!  That’s to either add or remove the pedals, cranks and drivetrain (sometimes you may try your child with pedals, realise the time is not right and want to remove them again).

What other features should our readers know about these bikes?

The unique design uses kids-sized components such as adjustable handlebar brake levers controlling a rear and front calliper V-brake in either mode – so your child can start to learn to brake whilst still in balance bike mode.

We’ve fitted the bikes with kids-specific saddles and grips to complement the alloy frame, forks and riser handlebars.

Both seat height and handlebars reach and height can be adjusted.

We’re looking forward to getting our hands on one of these bikes to review later in the year.

Do sign up for our newsletter to be notified of when this happens, but in the meantime, you can sign up now from the Kidvelo website to be sure to be notified when they arrive here in the UK.

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