Islabikes Q&A – what next for troubled brand?

Yesterday's news that the much loved kids bike manufacture Islabikes are ceasing the production and sale of bikes has been met by sadness by many Cycle Sprog fans.

Their children have grown up and developed a love of cycling due to having an Islabike - whether bought new or used.

Based on the questions and comments we've been receiving I thought I got in touch with Islabikes MD Tim Goodall to find out more about the current situation for those awaiting the dispatch of an Islabike, currently owning one or just interested in the future of the brand.

Karen Gee (Cycle Sprog) - Will you continue to manufacture spare parts for Islabikes?  And if so, for how long?

Tim Goodall (Islabikes MD) - Spare parts will continue to be available, likely for as long as there is sufficient demand, and there will be re-supply as needed.  We still receive the odd order for replacement parts for Islabikes bought 15 years ago!

KG - Are there any plans to sell or licence the Islabikes brand name to a third party?

TG - No plans.

KG - Your press release mentions you're ceasing production and sale of bikes.  You don't mention the company's Imagine Project, which was aiming to develop a circular economy solution to the ownership and disposal of bikes.  Does this cease too?  Or is this a new direction for the company?

TG - The Imagine Project came to a quiet end several years ago, so this is unaffected.

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KG - What happens to someone who has pre-ordered and paid for an Islabike that was not in stock at the time of payment?

TG - Any pre-ordered Islabikes are now in stock, so for anyone who hasn’t received their pre-ordered bike, they are in the build queue as we prepare each bike to order.

KG - How many staff are the company retaining? And how many are being let go?

TG - We’ve not finalised numbers.

KG - It is very unusual for a company to make an announcement about winding up a company with no creditors, shipping outstanding orders and honouring warranties.  Why did you choose to do this? 

TG - Honouring the warranties feels like the right thing to do when people put their trust in Islabikes when they chose to buy. And ensuring that spare parts continue to be available helps ensure Islabikes continue to be enjoyed for years to come as parts wear out.

KG - Are there any other messages you wish us to convey to our audience?

TG - Thank you to everyone who has sent the most heartwarming stories of their adventures on their Islabikes; we’ve had so many over the years and have been inundated in the last 24 hours. And for anyone still hoping to buy an Islabike, we’ve still got stock of most of the children’s bikes!

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