Islabikes Pro series launched – a new performance kids bike range

Islabikes Pro Series performance kids bikesFor ten years Islabikes have been at the cutting edge of kids bike design, and today they have raised the standards yet again, with the announcement of their new Pro Series Range of performance kids bikes.

The Islabikes Pro Series range is designed for junior racers (and parents with deep pockets), who are increasingly demanding more responsive and lightweight bikes, requiring innovative design features not usually associated with kids bikes.  This includes the use of materials usually reserved for high-end adult bikes, such as titanium and carbon fibre.

Islabikes are also working with industry leaders to supply specific components, such as Schwalbe ‘Rocket Ron’ tyres and Stan’s ‘NoTube’ Rims. Where components don’t exist in children’s sizes, Islabikes have designed their own, including full carbon forks, custom handlebars, chainsets, pedals, grips, saddles and seatposts.

Islabikes say that the Pro Series is aimed at the cycling enthusiast and young racer.  With their race pedigree, the bikes are designed for those young riders looking to push themselves to the limits of their potential and require a bike that can fuel their ambition.

The Islabikes Pro Series Range – sizes and prices

Islabikes Cnoc Pro Series –  £799.99

Islabikes Cnoc 16 Pro Series kids performance bike

The Islabikes Pro Series Range starts with the Cnoc Pro series, aimed at the younger end of junior racing (ages 4 upwards).  Whilst titanium and carbon aren’t usually associated with kids bikes of this size, the Islabikes Pro Series Cnoc is bringing these performance materials to the junior market in the form of  a hollow titanium bottom bracket with a carbon shell, a full carbon seatpost and titanium pedal axles.

For full details of the Islabikes Cnoc Pro Series including technical specifications, click here

Islabikes Beinn 20 Pro Series £999.99

Islabikes Beinn 20 Pro Series kids mountain bike

The Islabikes Beinn 20 Pro Series is a performance mountain bike for smaller riders (aged 5 and upwards). Islabikes have designed a new custom carbon fibre fork and converted a 10 speed SRAM cassette to 9 speed to help young cyclists manage all terrains. Low spoke counts and aluminum nipples have been used in the wheels to help keep rotating weight to a minimum.

For more details on the Islabikes Beinn 20 Pro Series and full technical specification, click here.

Islabikes Creig Pro Series £1499.99

A lightweight XC mountain bike, the Islabikes Creig Pro series has been specced with Rockshox 30 Gold TK forks, which are ideal for lighter riders as they can be run at much lower pressures. Islabikes are using Stan’s NoTube Rims in all wheel sizes and running tubeless Schwalbe Rocket Ron tyres.  A low standover height will let kids place both feet on the ground when they brake, helping to increased confidence through feeling safer in the saddle.

The Islabikes Creig Pro Series is available in both 24 and 26 inch wheel sizes – full specification details can be found here.

Islabikes Luath Pro Series £1599.99

Islabikes Luath 26 Pro Series performance kids cyclocross bike

The Luath Pro Series range is designed for cyclocross enthusiasts aged 8 and over.  This is the most expensive bike in the Islabikes Pro Series, which is justified by the quality of the specification. The Luath Pro is equipped with a custom designed Islabikes full carbon forks,  super low Q-Factor Islabikes cranks to provide a low stand over height, and child specific drop handlebars that measure just 22.2mm in diameter. The Luath Pro Series is the showcase for the Islabikes Cyclocross tyres, which  meet all UCI regulations for racing. Stopping power is provided by Avid BB7 mechanical disc brakes for all weather reliability.  The Islabikes Luath Pro Series is available in 24, 26 and 700 sizes.

For more details of the Luath Pro Series design features and full technical specification, click here

Islabikes Pro Series kids bikes – further details and where to order

The Islabikes Pro Series is available to pre-order via the Islabikes website.  Delivery times are still to be confirmed by Islabikes.

As further details of the Pro Series emerge over the next couple of days, we will be keeping you updated here on Cycle Sprog. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to keep up to date with the news.

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