Boardman launch new JNR kids bike range

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Here at Cycle Sprog we do love a new kids bike launch, so I was really pleased to hear that Boardman Bikes have released a new kids bike range.

The Boardman JNR range will comprise of a balance bike, a 16" wheel single speed pedal bike, three hybrid bikes (20", 24" and 26" wheels) and a 26" wheel adventure / gravel bike with drop handlebars.

I'm particularly happy because I have a Boardman road bike that I use to commute to the Cycle Sprog office, so it will be lovely to see children out and about on the same brand.

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Two new 26" wheel kids bikes for ages 9 and over

I really like the fact there are two 26" wheels in the Boardman JNR range.  In recent years we've seen some brands stop at 24" wheels on their hybrid ranges (I'm looking at you Hornit and Cannondale!)

Whether this is due to a shortage of 26" wheels now that adult mountain bikes have got bigger, or some other reason, it does make it very difficult for families.

Many children aren't ready to move onto an adult bike whilst they're still at primary school, and it's an age when they're just experiencing more freedom and possibly wanting to cycle to school alone for the first time and need a reliable bike.

The fact that there's a 26" wheel adventure bike (or gravel bike - your choice on the wording) is a really welcome addition to the kids bike market.

It's designed for ages of roughly 9 - 12 years (inside leg 68-80 cm) which is when many children gain the skills and stamina to be able to take part in much more challenging adventures. Hopefully this bike will enable more kids to enjoy bikepacking and other two wheeled adventures.

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Learning to ride on a Boardman JNR kids bike

It's interesting that Boardman have chosen not to have a 14" wheel pedal bike, especially as balance bikes mean children are ready to move onto pedals much younger.

There's a gap in their inside leg measurements between the balance bike (36-41cm inside leg) and the smallest 16" wheel pedal bike (48-53 cm).

There's a risk that without that wheel size families will move onto a different brand and stick with it throughout all the wheels sizes.

But then again, does brand loyalty count for much these days?  Will be interesting to see!

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Specification of the Boardman JNR kids bikes

The frame  and fork are made from triple-butted aluminium to keep weight low, and the bikes are fitted with "wide, fast-rolling tyres" and adjustable reach brake levers designed for small hands.

The balance bike is fitted with a useful carry handle for when your Cycle Sprog has had enough and you end up carrying the bike back home.

The Boardman JNR range is available from Tredz and Halfords, with a small number of bikes available from Thursday 3rd November, with the main shipment arriving in time for Christmas delivery.

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The pricing for the Boardman JNR kids bikes is:

JRN 12" - balance bike - £180

JRN 16" - pedal bike - £280

JRN 20" - hybrid bike - £340

JNR 24" - hybrid bike - £380

JRN 26" - hybrid bike - £420

JRN Adv 26” - gravel bike  - £480

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