Polisport bicycle windscreen review

The Polisport bicycle windscreen has been fixed firmly to the front of our school-run commuter bike all through the winter. We added it to the bike as a way of protecting T from the elements, as he sits on a front mounted bike seat and so takes the brunt of any poor weather. Fitting the Polisport windshield was a painless process, involving nothing more than a few tools and a careful read through of the instructions.

Polisport bicycle windscreen

There is plenty of adjustment, to allow the windscreen to be set up to suit your child’s dimensions, and we were able to position it so that wind was deflected away from hands, body and head – perfect!

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Once in place, it looked rather odd. An accessory you would expect to see on a motorbike or scooter, not on a road bike laden down with children. So to be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of it’s usefulness.

Now with summer fast approaching it’s time to pack away the warm winter clothing and accessories, which means it’s also time to pack away the Polisport windscreen.

Polisport bicycle windscreen review

So how did it perform? Well, all over the country this winter has proven to be particularly testing, with high winds, floods and a considerable amount of snow affecting many areas. Not being one to shirk away from using the bike in all weathers, I’ve found the Polisport front seat windscreen to be invaluable as it has provided an excellent degree of protection to T through all that the British weather has thrown at us.

T agrees that the Polisport has been a great addition, as the windscreen has kept him much warmer and provided protection not only to his body but also to his hands and face – very important for a small child.

Windscreen - ready to go

It’s also proved to be incredibly resilient, as the high winds we’ve experienced during the winter have resulted in the bike lying on its side on numerous occasions (even though it has been propped and protected). The windscreen has managed to come through unscathed every time – much to my delight, as my hearts sink each time I see the bike lying on its side after a particularly rough storm.

Initially I had reservations as to whether the front seat windshield might act like a sail in high winds, and drag me off course, but this didn’t prove to be an issue at all.  In fact, it’s been great to be able to get the protection from it when cycling back from pre-school with out T on the bike!!

So there you have it, if you use a front bike seat to transport your child, a Polisport bike windscreen will provide great protection and comfort when the weather turns cold and wet, and reassuringly will take a drop or two.

Highly recommended as a great way to keep your child protected from the rain and wind whilst they’re in a front bike seat. 

Where to buy the Polisport Children’s Front Bike Seat Windscreen

The “Polisport Bicycle Windscreen for Front Child Seat”, as it is formally known,  is available from Tredz and also is sometimes available on Amazon. It has an RRP of £44.99 but is often reduced.


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This review was published in spring 2013 and updated in Autumn 2018 to reflect availability of the front bike seat windscreen


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