Polisport bicycle windscreen review

The problem with having a front mounted kids bike seat is that when the weather is bad your child takes the brunt of the bad weather – be that rain, snow, hail, sleet or wind. 

As they are not moving, they will get cold very quickly so it’s really important to try and protect them as much as possible. 

A bicycle wind shield is a great way to protect them from the elements whilst they sit in their front seat, meaning you can continue to cycle all year round. 

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Polisport bicycle windscreen review

The Polisport bicycle windscreen has been fixed firmly to the front of our school-run commuter bike all through the winter.

We added it to the bike as a way of protecting T from the elements, as he sits on a front-mounted bike seat and so takes the brunt of any poor weather.

Fitting the Polisport windshield was a painless process, involving nothing more than a few tools and a careful read-through of the instructions.

Polisport bicycle windscreen

There is plenty of adjustment, to allow the windscreen to be set up to suit your child’s dimensions, and we were able to position it so that wind was deflected away from hands, body and head – perfect!

If you want more details on this check out my article on  fitting the Polisport front seat windscreen.

Once in place, it looked rather odd. An accessory you would expect to see on a motorbike or scooter, not on a road bike laden down with children.

So to be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of it’s usefulness.

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This review was published in spring 2013 and updated in Autumn 2021 to reflect availability of the front bike seat windscreen



This looks good even for a solo rider to keep the chill off whilst commuting. Just wondering do you use your light though the screen ?
Kind regards

Saskia Heijltjes

Hi Ed, the screen may offer some protection for your torso, but none for your face and hands, which are usually most affected by wind chill. You’d have to test whether your bike light is still effective when placed behind the screen. Another position might be better, such as on your helmet (if you wear one) or coat. – Saskia

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