Huby Muffle review – keeping a toddler warm on a rear bike seat

Last winter we experienced several cold family bike rides, where we struggled to keep Callum, then 12 months old, warm whilst riding in a bike seat on the back of daddy’s bike (I never realised how hard it is to keep a pair of mittens on a toddler!!)  We were therefore very excited when we were asked to test out a Huby Muffle.   “What is a Huby Muffle?” I hear you cry!  It’s a waterproof, fleece-lined footmuff for a rear bike seat.  Just what we needed, as the cold winter weather had come round again all too quickly
Callum taking a test ride in the Huby Muffle

First impressions of the Huby Muffle

I knew that the Huby Muffle was hand made by a mum who had recently set up a small business. Not sure quite to what to expect, I was impressed with the quality of Huby Muffle when it arrived for review.  It is made of a durable waterproof outer with a fleece liner. The muffle easily fitted onto our rear bike seat (we have a Hamax Sleepy).

Keeping warm in a rear bike seat with the Huby Muffle

How does the Huby Muffle work?

The Muffle has a pouch that fits over the back of the rear bike seat, a slot in the back for the shoulder straps to thread through and a slot for the buckle to pass through.    The front of the muff can be removed using a heavy duty plastic zip which makes it easy to get your child in and out of the muffle whilst it’s attached to the bike seat.

The two legs of the Huby Muffle do not have feet in, which enables you to still secure your child’s feet into the safety straps.

The muffle does not have arms but you are able to put your child’s arms into the body area and secure the front with the draw cord.   We didn’t think Callum would like this restriction but he sat happily with his arms inside the Huby Muffle for each 90 minute bike ride.

The Huby Muffle keeps kids warm during with winter when they're riding in a rear bike seat

How effective is the Huby Muffle at keeping a child warm whilst on a bike ride?

We’ve tested the Huby Muffle on a couple of rides where the temperature was between 2°C and 5°C.  These 90 minute rides definitely called for additional protection, and I can confirm that Callum (who is now 22 months old) was kept very warm throughout. On the colder ride we discovered that there was ample room in the Muffle for him to wear his snowsuit.
When we took him out of the muffle at the end of ride he had removed the gloves he had been wearing but his hands were still toasty warm – result!

How waterproof is the Huby Muffle?

Unfortunately (or fortunately) we haven’t had the opportunity to test the Huby Muffle out in wet conditions.  However, when we got home we did the Cycle Sprog waterproofness test by spraying water on it.  I’m pleased to report that the water just ran off the outer. However, please note that I cannot comment on its waterproofness in sustained heavy rain.

Final verdict on the Huby Muffle rear bike seat footmuff

I was very impressed with the quality of the construction of the Huby Muffle. It was easy to use and kept Callum warm on our winter bike rides.  It’s a great idea, that I’m sure will be popular with families who use rear bike seats and want to keep cycling all year round.

Where to purchase the Huby Muffle rear bike seat cover

The Huby Muffle is handmade to order so that it fits your bike seat.  They are available in three colours – red, blue or black.  Further details are available from the Huby Muffle Facebook page.

About the Author:  Emma Young is a mum of two children and a transport planner, promoting sustainable transport. As well as being a guest blogger for Cycle Sprog she also runs the Child Friendly Bike Rides in Yorkshire Facebook Group.

Here are some routes that Emma has ridden with her children:

Disclosure:  Emma was provided with the Huby Muffle to review.


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