Cube Cubie 120 Walk

The Cube Cubie 120 Walk balance bike is the very smallest bike in Cube’s extensive kids bike range.

A low standover height means it’s easy for little legs to get on and off and the tyres are “proper” pneumatics ones so they’re going to be grippy and comfortable for outside riding.

Cube have fitted a steering limiter to stop your little one getting into scrapes if they decide to turn the handlebars too quickly, and to help you carry the balance bike home when they’ve had enough for the day there’s a handle integrated into the seat.

We’ve not been able to review this particular bike but we’ve reviewed a number of larger Cube pedal bikes and have always been impressed with the German precision engineering and attention to detail.

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Cube Cubie 180 SL

The Cube Cubie 180 is inspired by Cube’s larger junior mountain bikes and is a good choice for a child who is desperate to go mountain biking, but not quite ready to move up to a 20″ wheel geared MTB.

It’s fitted with proper off road tyres and has small brake levers to help make stopping easy, and at just 7kg it’s light enough for them to ride and you to lift / carry at the end of the ride.

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Cube Cubie 120

The Cubie 120 has a lightweight aluminium frame and forks and comes with child sized brake levers, a chain protector and a carry handle on the rear of the saddle for when you end up having to carry it.

The rear brake on the Cubie 120 is a coaster brake, which is operated by your child pedalling backwards, whilst the front brake is a v-brake on the rim, operated by the brake lever.  Coaster brakes are very popular on the continent and in the US but are not very common in the UK.

They’re a good idea if your child isn’t ready to operate a brake lever, but they will have to learn how to do this when they move up to larger bikes.

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