Cube Cubie 120

The Cubie 120 is Cube Bike’s newest offering. They’ve realised that children are wanting to move onto proper pedal bikes at a younger age due to gaining skills on their balance bikes so added a pedal bike to go alongside their 12″ wheel Cubie 120 Walk which is a traditional balance bike.

The Cubie 120 has a lightweight aluminium frame and forks and comes with child sized brake levers, a chain protector and a carry handle on the rear of the saddle for when you end up having to carry it.

It’s worth noting that the rear brake on the Cubie 120 is a coaster brake, which is operated by your child pedalling backwards, whilst the front brake is a v-brake on the rim, operated by the brake lever.  Coaster brakes are very popular on the continent and in the US but are not very common in the UK.

The benefit of coaster brakes is that your child just needs to learn to pedal – forwards to go and backwards to stop and doesn’t have to worry about using brake levers at this point.

However, when your child moves up onto a larger pedal bike they will have to get used to using rim brakes front and rear.

We haven’t had a chance to review the Cube Cubie 120 yet, but we’ve reviewed various of Cube’s larger kids bikes and have always been impressed by their quality.

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