Frog 73 Green 2021 = a 26" wheel kids bike that is good for riding on a wide range of terrains

Frog 73

The Frog 73 is a good all round bike which will be happy on most terrains so ideal for children who ride anywhere and aren’t specializing in any one particular kind of cycling.  

It has an 8 speed Shimano gear system operated by thumb shifters and having an 11-32T cassette, which should be good for all but the steepest hills.

The larger Frog bikes have lost the childish branding of the smaller bikes, so should appeal to an older audience.  However if you have a shorter but older child in their teens don’t be surprised if you find some resistance and the desire to move onto a more “adult” brand, as Frog is very much known as a kids bike brand. [sc name="bike-club-frog-bikes" bike_name="Frog 73" ][/sc] [sc name="bike-club-26-inch-deal" ][/sc]

Frog 62 Blue

Frog 62

The Frog 62 is sized for a child with a minimum 62 cm inside leg (that’s how the Frog naming convention works, which is an easy way to decide which bike your child needs).

Weighing in at 9.25kg the bike is nice and light, meaning your child will be able to easily manoeuvre it as well as lift it up and over any obstacles on the way (think steps, high kerbs or debris on a trail).  The seat post and wheels are quick-release, making adjustments and maintenance easy. [sc name="bike-club-frog-bikes" bike_name="Frog 62" ][/sc] [sc name="bike-club-24-inch-deal" ][/sc]

Frog 52 Red 2021 is the smallest 20" wheel geared bike from Frog Bikes, suitable for children aged 5 years and over

Frog 52

The Frog 52 therefore has everything you’d expect to see on a quality kids bike designed for a child using gears for the first time.    

The gears are simple to use – there’s a single chain ring at the front so your child doesn’t have to worry about changing gear with both hands.  The 8 gears are operated by an easy to use thumb shifter designed for small hands, and the spread of gears should help them get up all but the steepest of hills. 

There’s plenty of room for growth with the Frog 52. The handlebars can be lowered or raised within a range of 54mm and it’s easy to adjust the seat height using the quick release system. 

We’ve reviewed the slightly larger 20″ wheel bike – the Frog 55 – and were very impressed with its performance and longevity. [sc name="bike-club-frog-bikes" bike_name="Frog 52" ][/sc] [sc name="bike-club-20-inch-deal" ][/sc]

Frog 44 Spotty 2021 - a 16 inch wheel pedal bike for kids aged between 4 and 5 years of age

Frog 44

Frog Bikes come with everything you expect from a quality kids bike – child specific components, a good riding position and a light weight frame which all combine to make learning to ride such great fun.

The Frog 44 is a new version of the really popular Frog 48, their previous sixteen inch wheel bike.  They’ve introduced a lower standover for the frame, meaning children can start riding it with legs 4 cm shorter than before (i.e 44cm rather than 48cm inside leg). 

We’ve reviewed a wide range of Frog Bikes over the years and they’ve always been well designed and specified. [sc name="bike-club-frog-bikes" bike_name="Frog 44" ][/sc] [sc name="bike-club-16-inch-deal" ][/sc]

Frog 40 Blue

Frog 40

Frog’s smallest pedal bike is the 14″ wheel Frog 40 (Frogs are named after the shortest leg length that the bike suits – in this case 40 cm).

It’s a lightweight bike so it’s easy for a child to ride, and has all the child-sized components that give parents peace of mind that their child is riding safely.

We’ve reviewed the earlier version of Frog’s 14″ wheel bike – the slightly bigger Frog 43 – and it got a thumbs up from our reviewer. [sc name="bike-club-frog-bikes" bike_name="Frog 40" ][/sc] [sc name="bike-club-14-inch-deal" ][/sc]

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