YOMO Bikes: A new quality kids bike brand arrives

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It’s always exciting when a new kids' bike brand is launched!  

YOMO Bikes has just joined the scene as a premium brand, boasting high-quality specifications across its range of six kids bikes.  

They’ve been designed to offer children from the ages of 18 months through to 10+ years an exceptional and enjoyable riding experience while prioritising safety, control, and quality design features.  

YOMO Bikes are a much needed good news story at the end of a very difficult year during which we’ve lost a number of well loved kids' bike brands.   

Which is why at Cycle Sprog HQ we’re pleased to see that there are still people like us out there, who are passionate about getting more kids onto quality bikes.

YOMO Kids bikes in action - two of the larger geared bikes being ridden by girls across some grass

A Premium Brand for Young Riders 

YOMO Bikes have all the features we’ve come to expect from a quality kids' bike brand.  

Crafted with triple-butted lightweight alloy frames, the bikes are now among the lightest on the market, making them easy for a child to ride, and for parents to carry and lift when required.  

The bikes are tailored for children's proportions, with easy-reach and adjustable brake levers, suitable handlebar width, ergonomic saddles, and a reduced Q-factor (which is gentler on child sized hips and knees, promoting a natural and comfy riding position). 

A quick-release seatpost clamp ensures fuss-free, tool-less saddle height adjustments. 

All YOMO Bikes are fitted with Kenda lightweight tyres designed for various terrains. From smooth tarmac to rugged gravel and dirt, these adaptable tyres offer great grip and stability in all weather conditions.  

Stainless steel spokes and rust-free wheel nuts promise durability, reducing maintenance worries as your child ventures further and faster with each ride.  

Designed for Confident Riding

YOMO Bikes have a junior-specific 'forward' geometry, positioning the rider's centre of gravity towards the handlebars. This design promotes intuitive balance and stability, helping young cyclists quickly master their bikes.

The inclusion of a low bottom bracket, now a standard feature on adult bikes, boosts stability and control, making it easier for children to balance and steer their bikes, and aids in easy mounting and dismounting.


Being seen in the winter months

With more families now riding year round, it’s good to see that YOMO Bikes are thinking of safety during the darker months.  All bikes are fitted with reflective tyres and frame decals, providing additional visibility when riding in low-light situations.

The reflective nature of the tyres ensures light from external sources, such as streetlights or passing vehicles, is reflected back, making the bike more conspicuous to others on the road.

Strategically placed reflective decals on the frame also contribute to the overall visibility of the bike.

Whilst these features obviously don’t remove the need for good quality bike lights, the additional visibility can help offer parents peace of mind, knowing that their child is visible to others from all angles.

YOMO Kids bike in the dark with reflective tyres for added visibility

The Individual Models: A Bike for Every Age and Skill Level

YOMO Bikes offers a range of six models from a 12” wheel balance bike through to a 26” wheel bike with mechanical disc brakes for ages 10 and over.

Here’s a quick summary of the bikes available – you can find full specifications on the YOMO website.

YOMO 12 Balance Bike

Price: £180

Rider's Age: 1.5+ years  Bike Weight: 3.6kg

Rider's Height: 83-109 cm;  Inside Leg: 32-42 cm

Colours: Pink and Blue

By focusing on mastering balance before introducing pedals, the YOMO 12 lets the very youngest of riders develop the essential skills and confidence needed to ride a bike.  This paves the way for the introduction of pedals with the next sized bike.

The YOMO 12 has a footrest to tuck feet away when picking up speed, and a rear brake to help slow down again.

Brakes are more popular with older riders and can help save the base of their shoes wearing through, which is the alternative method of stopping on a balance bike!

YOMO 14 and 16 Starter bikes

Price: £320 / £340

Bike Weight: 5.5kg / 5.8kg

Rider Age: 3-5 years / 4-6 years

Rider's Height: 95-110 cm /  105 - 120 cm

Rider’s inside leg:  38-47 cm / 43.5 - 53.5 cm

Colours: Purple, Orange, Green, Red

The YOMO 14 and 16 are some of the lightest starter bikes on the market.  This removes the stress of learning to ride on uncomfortable and heavy bikes, making the learning experience more fun for both child and parent.

Both bikes have a 130° safety headset, which means the handlebars won't over turn, reducing the risk of falls and promoting control whilst learning to steer round corners.

A compact chainguard keeps curious fingers and clothes safe and clean, whilst keeping the moving parts dirt- and mud-free.

YOMO 20, 24, and 26 Geared Bikes

YOMO 20: £400; 7.65kg;  5-8 years;  h: 115-135 cm; inside leg: 50.4-61 cm; rim brakes

YOMO 24: £450; 9.4kg; 8-11 years;  h: 130-150 cm; inside leg: 59.5-69 cm; disc brakes

YOMO 26: £480; 9.9kg, 10+ years;  h: 145+ cm; inside leg: 65-76 cm; disc brakes

Colours:  Green, Orange, Turquoise, Dark Grey

The three geared bikes in the YOMO range are hybrid bikes, meaning they’re a good all- round choice for youngsters who are riding a mix of off-road and on-road routes.

They use Shimano's 8-Speed Rapidfire Plus gear shifters, providing ultralight shifting at young riders' fingertips.  There’s a good spread of seven gears on the YOMO 20 (32t 11-28T) and eight gears on the YOMO 24 and 26 (32t 11-32T).  These should be adequate for most day-to-day and leisure cycling.

The YOMO 24 and 26 models also boast mechanical disc brakes (Tektro's MD-M280 for those of you into your specs), which sets them apart from many other hybrid bikes at a similar price point.

This is a popular feature for kids of this age, as it makes them feel very grown up!

A quick and easy buying experience

YOMO Bikes offer no-cost delivery directly to your doorstep in mainland UK.

Each bike undergoes a thorough check before delivery, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

And for added peace of mind, YOMO provide a no-hassle, 30-day return policy and a lifetime warranty, covering frame and fork replacement at no extra cost.

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Before you go......Make sure you're getting the right sized bike. Check out our guide How to easily measure your child for a new bike which shows you how to get the key measurements you'll need.


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