Frog Bikes launch kids city bikes in the UK!

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Good news for anyone looking for a kids city bike - Frog Bikes have brought forward the launch date of their kids City Bike range from 2023 and the bikes are now available in the UK and rest of world.

Last month we brought you news that Frog Bikes were launching this exciting new kids City Bike range in 9 European countries - but not here in the UK, or in the rest of the world until at least 2023.

We know there was a lot of disappointment about this decision, so were really pleased to get an email from Frog Bikes the other day saying they've brought forward the release date in UK, USA, Canada, Ireland and rest of EU.

The Frog City Bikes are now in stock at Frog retailers, starting at £490, and also available for long term lease at Bike Club with subscriptions starting at £17.99 per month.   (If you're not sure what the Bike Club is, check out this article)

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Frog Bikes launch a new kids city bike in the UK!

The Frog City bikes are designed for daily use, providing the ultimate urban bikes for children to commute to school or leisurely explore the city at their own pace, cycling in comfort and style.

The city bikes are suitable for 5 to 12-year-olds and they are available in 20”, 24” and 26” wheel sizes, in three new colours; black, teal and pink.

With this new city bike, kids will enjoy a more upright, leisurely riding position due to a longer head tube, and raised and slightly swept handlebars.

The low bottom bracket position and the lightweight step-through aluminium frame ensures smooth mounting and dismounting, meaning the bike is easy to ride and manoeuvre through the city.

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Frog launch new kids city bikes in UK
New kids city bikes from bike brand FROG

All Frog City bikes are equipped with low-resistance, durable Kenda City tyres that are designed for travelling on a variety of terrains.

They are also fitted with a floating chain glider, full-length mudguards, a kickstand and a pannier rack, making everyday cycling in the city easier and more enjoyable.

The rear pannier rack can hold up to 25kg to transport bags and equipment when out and about.

The bikes also feature Frog's new, bespoke kickstand, which is bolted directly onto the frame, making it easy to park the bike when taking a break and is simple to fold away when not in use.


Jim Whitehead, Head of Sales at Frog Bikes: “We are thrilled that Frog City bikes have been so widely popular around the world, with so many countries expressing interest in stocking them, we simply couldn't wait until Spring 2023 for their release."

Similar to Frog’s hybrid range, the kids city bikes are also fitted with FrogFit Technology® youth-specific 8-speed derailleur gear shifters, which provide more range and are well suited for moderate speeds and hills than the internal hub gears traditionally found on a more traditional city bike.

The downside is that there's more maintenance with derailleur gearing, but the plus side is it's what most UK bike shops and mechanics are used to.

The brakes on the Frog City Bikes are v-brakes, which is what virtually every child in the UK has been brought up riding.  This compares to coaster brakes you'd get on many continental city bikes - where you have to pedal  backwards to stop.  This should make the transition to these new Frog Bikes really easy for UK kids.

The bikes are also fitted with a floating chain glider, designed and manufactured in collaboration with the chainguard specialists Hebie. This helps prevents kids clothing from getting stuck and the chain from getting soiled.  It can be easily removed for cleaning and maintenance - no tools required.

Frog bike brand launch kids city bikes

Where can I buy the new Frog city bikes?

Originally, Frog kids city bikes were going to be sold in just mainland Europe, including France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, The Netherlands, and Luxembourg but due to the growing demand for the city bikes, Frog bikes have now extended its recent launch of city bikes worldwide!

You can buy the Frog City Bikes from your nearest Frog retailer, or if you're in the UK you can subscribe to Bike Club for a small monthly fee.

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