Frog Bikes launch kids city bikes – just not in the UK!

Here at Cycle Sprog we're often asked for advice on where to get a really good quality kids sized city bike suitable for children cycling the school run.

The step through frame and upright riding position of a city bike are great for urban riding, particularly for those wearing school dresses and skirts.

Imagine my excitement therefore when I got an email from Frog Bikes telling me that they're launching a kids sized city bike.

And my disappointment when I discovered it's not being launched here in the UK until next year, whilst loads of other places in Europe are getting it now!

I contacted Frog Bikes to find out what's going on, and this is what I found out..

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Frog Bikes to launch a new kids city bike

The Frog City bikes are designed for daily use, providing the ultimate urban bikes for children to commute to school or leisurely explore the city at their own pace, cycling in comfort and style.

The city bikes are suitable for 5 to 12-year-olds and they are available in 20”, 24” and 26” wheel sizes, in three new colours; black, teal and pink.

Frog launch new kids city bikes
Frog launch new city kids bikes

With this new city bike, kids will enjoy a more upright, leisurely riding position due to a longer head tube, and raised and slightly swept handlebars.

The low bottom bracket position and the lightweight step-through aluminium frame ensures smooth mounting and dismounting, meaning the bike is easy to ride and manoeuvre through the city.

All Frog City bikes are equipped with low-resistance, durable Kenda City tyres that are ideal for travelling on a variety of terrains.

They are also fitted with a floating chain glider, full-length mudguards, a kickstand and a pannier rack, so kids can be fully equipped for cycling in the city.

The rear pannier rack can hold up to 25kg and is a great way to transport bags and equipment when out and about in the city.

The bikes also feature Frog's new, bespoke kickstand, which is bolted directly onto the frame, making it easy to park the bike when taking a break and is simple to fold away when not in use.

New kids city bikes from bike brand FROG
Frog bike brand launch kids city bikes

Similar to Frog’s hybrid range, the kids City bikes are also fitted with FrogFit Technology® youth-specific 8-speed derailleur gear shifters, which provide more range and are well suited for moderate speeds and hills.

They are perfect for efficient urban riding.

The innovative floating chain glider, designed and manufactured in collaboration with Hebie; the chainguard specialists, prevents kids clothing from getting stuck and the chain from getting soiled.

It can be easily removed for cleaning and maintenance - no tools required.

Where can I buy the new Frog city bikes?

Initially, Frog kids city bikes are going to be sold in mainland Europe, including including France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, The Netherlands, and Luxembourg

Why aren't Frog Bikes, a British company, releasing their City Bikes in the UK first?

Good question! And it's what we asked Frog Bikes! They have told Cycle Sprog that

"In response to high consumer demand, we have decided to launch our new City bike range in several phases, beginning with nine European markets, including France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, The Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

With a high demand for our first-pedal and hybrid bikes during the Christmas period in the UK, we want to ensure that production is focused on meeting this demand first. The City bikes are then scheduled to come to the UK and the rest of the world in Spring 2023.

Hopefully, this information will help UK consumers understand our thought process."

We're rather disappointed by this decision by a UK based company not to release these bikes here.  There's now so many options for good quality first pedal bikes and hybrid bikes (which Frog are just one of many) here in the UK but a really poor choice of city bikes.

With the growing number of families ditching their cars and switching to cycling, whether completely or just for short daily journeys, the need for child sized city bikes has never been greater!

What do you think about the new Frog City Bikes? Is this something your child would like to ride? Do drop me a comment in the box below.

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This looks fantastic and just what my son needs for city cycling! We do loads of short city journeys for which his road bike isn’t the best, I’d love to buy/try one of these especially as we’re getting to the stage where a pannier rack would be so useful (cricket bat and PE kit!) Such a shame they haven’t released in the U.K.


It’s frustrating, isn’t it Laura. They have so much to carry to school, and the pannier rack would be really useful. You can fit a rack to some other kids bikes – if you use our kids bike search and click “Rack Mounting Points” under the advanced search for his wheel size will show what options there are. Hope this helps in the interim, Karen

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