On Your Bike by Sir Chris Hoy – Olympic hero launches new kids cycling guide

Cycling legend Sir Chris Hoy has been busy writing a new book to inspire kids to get the most out of their cycling. “On Your Bike” is a fun and practical guide to help children choose and maintain their bike, along with hints and tips on how to perform cool tricks as well as staying safe on two wheels.   Published on 20th October 2016, On Your Bike by Sir Chris Hoy is now available from Amazon.

On Your Bike by Sir Chris Hoy

“On Your Bike” sees the return of the Flying Fergus characters from the kids fiction series Sir Chris launched earlier in the year.  Fergus and his team mates from “Hercules Hopefuls” help Sir Chris to teach children everything they need to know about bikes and cycling.

The book is ring bound so it will lie flat, allowing readers to keep a page open whilst practising what is on the page.  Topics covered in On Your Bike by Sir Chris Hoy include:

How to Choose Your Bike
BMX or racer, mountain bike or hybrid – which tribe are you?
Clothing & Kit: cycling essentials for riding in all weathers and safety gear for being safe and seen on the road
Bike Maintenance: step by step diagrams of how to change a tyre and check your bike for wear and tear
A Fill-In-Your-Own Cycling Log with ideas, hints and quizzes

The book also provides access to bonus video footage of Sir Chris Hoy’s Top Tricks and Fun Games. This includes the Olympic champion showing you how to perfect a wheelie, enjoy some fun racing games and a few other ideas to spice up cycling sessions in the park.

Since retiring from international cycling Sir Chris has become a dad, launched the Hoy Bikes range of kids bikes with Evan Cycles, and written the first four of the Flying Fergus kids story books.

On Your Bike by Sir Chris Hoy is now available from Amazon for £7.99 .

The fifth book in the Flying Fergus series “The Winning Team” is due to be published in February 2107.

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This article was first published on 9th September 2016 and updated when the book was published on 20th October 2016.

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