Should I carry on cycling during pregnancy? Let’s ask the experts!

As more women take up cycling, there naturally becomes an increasing number wanting information about cycling during pregnancy.

Is it safe to carry on cycling during pregnancy?The UK Medical Officers have recently released guidance about exercising and cycling during pregnancy, which is really useful and spells out how cycling can remain a safe activity throughout the 9 months.

However, it can be a  big step from knowing that something is safe, to actually doing it. Worrying about choices whilst pregnant is normal (and it doesn’t stop once the baby is born!)   So, to help expectant mothers (and fathers) everywhere, we’ve brought together a selection of links to articles about cycling when pregnant.

The best people to ask are those who’ve already done it – they can share the highs and lows of cycling with a bump, and understand your nervousness about riding with a new life on board.

The main rules everyone seems to agree on are to listen to your body, take it easy (unless you’re a Paralympic or Olympic cyclist already) and never cycle in the ice.

Of course, we need to say at this point, please consult your midwife or GP before cycling if you have any complications with your pregnancy.

Mum’s own experiences of cycling during pregnancy

CTC’s Victoria Hazael writes about how she continued cycling until the 39th week of her pregnancy

Guardian writer Sam Haddad, explores peoples’ reactions to her continuing to cycle whilst pregnant  

Mum Sarah Blackburn shares her experiences of cycling in London whilst pregnant, including cycling to her 37 week hospital appointment

Dawn Rahman writes here on Cycle Sprog about her experiences of cycling up until week 39 of her pregnancy, including leading Breeze Network rides

Cycling while pregnant

The American based Simply Bike blog has a series of posts from women all over the world who have shared their experiences of cycling whilst pregnant which are all accompanied by some wonderful photos

Anna Semlyen (author of Cutting Your Car Use: Save Money, be Healthy, be Green) writes about how cycling can help with many of the common complaints of pregnancy and how to set your bike up to accommodate a bump)

US based author Marion Rice highlights some useful tips for mums-to-be considering whether they should continue to cycle during pregnancy

Cathy Bussey writes about how it’s fine to choose not to cycle when pregnant, and has advice on other ways to keep fit while you’re not in the saddle, over at Total Women’s Cycling and also what to expect when you return to cycling after child birth

Photos of pregnant women cycling

Cycle Chic in Copenhagen celebrate Danish women cycling during pregnancy

Simply Bike has some wonderful photos of cycling during the third trimester

This video clip shows Dame Sarah Storey cycling at 7 months pregnant 

Elite cyclists on pregnancy

Paralympic legend Dame Sarah Storey has cycled throughout her pregnancy. There are a large number of interviews with her, including the Guardian,  Women’s Cycling website and The Daily Telegraph

Suzie Mitchell who won the UCI Track Cycling Masters World Championships just 4 months after giving birth to her daughter has written several articles about her experiences in a book called Pregnancy to Podium.

Have you cycled during your pregnancy?  Are you expecting, and trying to decide whether to continue cycling?  We’d love to hear your stories, so do come over to the Cycle Sprog Facebook page and let us know how you’re getting on, or tag your Instagram posts with #CycleSprog

Other articles you may find useful:

This article was first published in May 2013 and updated to reflect the new medical guidance on cycling went pregnant which was issued in June 2017.

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