Frog 53 Hybrid

Frog had a revamp of their 20″ wheel bike range, and the Frog 53 was the brand new model for 2022 that replaced the old Frog 52 and Frog 55.

Instead of having to worry about which size to buy, this new model is designed to start small and has room for growth.

For most children this will be their first time using gears on a bike, and you want it to be as easy as possible.

The Frog 53 has 8 speeds which are accessed using an easy reach thumb shifter.

The range of gears is good enough to get up most hills, and if it does get a bit too steep the bike is lightweight enough to hopefully allow your child to keep on pushing (although we can’t promise this – and if you do end up carrying it you’ll be pleased that it only weighs 8.15kg)

We reviewed one of the very first Frog 20″ wheel bikes  to be released years ago, and were very impressed by the comfort of the ride, quality of the bike and it’s longevity.

Since then Frog have continued to improve on the specification,  and we see no reason why the new Frog 53 won’t continue in that tradition, making it a great choice 20″ wheel geared bike. [sc name="bike-club-frog-bikes" ][/sc]

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Frog 47 First Pedal

The Frog 47 is a brand new bike for 2022. We think this single speed, easy to ride bike is going to be popular with children who are too tall for a standard 16″ wheel pedal bike, but don’t have the ability yet to move onto a bike with gears.

The Frog 47 has a minimum inside leg of 47cm and comes with all the features you’d expect from one of the best known premium kids bike brands.  This includes a lightweight aluminium frame, grippy tyres and child proportioned components.

We’ve not reviewed this particular Frog bike but we have reviewed a number of other sizes and they’ve all been great, long lasting and fun to ride.  [sc name="bike-club-frog-bikes" ][/sc]  [sc name="bike-club-18-inch-deal" ][/sc]

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Frog 55

The Frog 55 was Frog Bike’s original 20″ wheel bike, which was discontinued at the end of 2021, to be replaced by the new Frog 53

The Frog 55 is a good all round bike that’s equally suited to riding trails and paths as doing the school run.  Original bikes got mudguards supplied as standard, and you can also fit a pannier rack if you’re carrying school books or camping equipment. 

For most children this will be their first experience of using gears on a bike, and Frog specified an easy to use 8 speed set up with an easy reach thumb shifter. 

We reviewed one of the very first Frog 55’s to be released years ago, and were very impressed by the comfort of the ride, quality of the bike and it’s longevity.  [sc name="bike-club-frog-bikes" bike_name="Frog 55" ][/sc] [sc name="bike-club-20-inch-deal" ][/sc]

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Frog 78

The Frog 78 is the largest of Frog’s three 26″ wheel bikes, and is an all round bike suitable for children (or smaller adults!) with a minimum inside leg of 78cm.   

The handlebars can be adjusted within a 54mm range and there’s a quick release seat post that makes adjusting the saddle height easy to do. Your kid should hopefully therefore get a decent amount of time on this bike, but some kids do grow very rapidly at this age. 

It’s comforting therefore to know the Frog Bikes really hold their value, so if you keep it well maintained you should be able to sell it on to fund the next bike. 

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Frog 69

The Frog 69 is no longer available and has been replaced by the Frog 67

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Frog 52 (Single Speed)

If your child has an inside leg of 52cm but doesn’t need a bike with gears, then the Frog 52 Single Speed is a good option. 

You can even take the pedals off and use this bike as a balance bike, and add them back in when the time is ready. 

Note: The Frog 52 Single Speed was discontinued in 2021 so you need to look secondhand for this bike

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