Will your kids be 3D printing their own bikes?

The future is a foreign country, and as parents we need to get used to the fact that our kids will be doing things differently there. This weekend saw a glimpse of that land, with the production of the world’s first 3d printed bike.

It seems only a couple of years ago that colour printing in your own home seemed the height of sophistication, and now you can 3d print a bike!  Obviously it will take a while for the technology to become widely available, but it’s quite possible that by the time our kids are old enough to pay for their own bikes (hurray!) they will be buying 3d printing kits and making them in the lounge.

The “Future Bike” project is a collaboration between the Bamboo Bicycle Club and Oxford Brooke’s University, and you can find out more about the 3d printed bike at the club’s website.

Will you be embracing the technology and urging your kids to 3d print their own bikes, or will you be sitting in the corner mumbling about the new fangled ways of the youth of today? We’d love to hear your views, either in the comments section below, or via our Cycle Sprog Facebook page or the @CycleSprog Twitter Account


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