Rad Power bikes stops selling e-bikes in UK

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Fat-tyre e-bikes by US based company Rad Power will no longer be available to buy in the UK by 2024.

This news caught our eye here at Cycle Sprog HQ, because Rad Power Bikes offer one of the few budget options for electric cargo bikes - the Radwagon.

Budget longtail cargo bike

The Radwagon is a longtail cargo bike which can carry two kids on the longer rear rack.

Alongside the Mycle Cargo, the Radwagon 4 is currently the cheapest electric cargo bike available in the UK.

radwagon electric longtail cargo bike stops selling in the UK

Radwagon and accessories on sale

Not suprisingly, Rad Power Bikes is currently having a sale in the UK and the Radwagon 4 is currently on sale for £1,299. The original price was £1,999, so this is a whopping £700 saving.

Accessories for the Radwagon 4 are also on sale at the moment, with the caboose on offer for £65 instead of £130 and the rain cover for £78 instead of £260.


What about Rad Power Bikes warranty and replacement parts?

Rad Power Bikes can only be bought online and there are a couple of service partners in the UK including in Bath and London.

Some customers and potential customers have expressed their concerns about replacement parts and warranty claims. We asked Rad Power Bikes to comment:

"Spare parts will be available for years to come on our website. Our 2 year warranty and customer service will also continue with the help of our service partners and the US customer support team.

We have a detailed announcement on this topic on our website: https://radpowerbikes.eu/pages/286678749"


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