If I ruled the world…….

This week there have been a couple of stories about making aspects of childrens cycling compulsory.

Firstly, Sustrans have been campaigning for cycling to become part of the curriculum at schools, which would essentially make it compulsory for all children to learn to ride a bike safely. Their campaign “Gold Standard” urges the government to introduce a minimum standard of everyday cycling education within schools in England by 2016, which would tackle the growing problem of childhood obesity.  The campaign has the backing of Olympic gold medalist Dani King.

In a separate development, Tory MP Peter Bone reopened the debate about whether the government should make it compulsory for all children under the age of 14 years to wear a helmet whilst riding a bike.

With these two debates at opposite ends of the cycling spectrum, I’ve been busy thinking about the top 10 things I’d make compulsory where I in charge. In no particular order, if I ruled the world (or at least my little part of if) I’d make it compulsory for:

1) all local authorities to ensure that every child could cycle safely to school each day

2) all Heath authorities to provide a free bike to every child when they have their preschool booster (age 4) and their teenage booster (age 14)

3) everyone taking their driving test to load their most precious and valuable possessions into a bike trailer and cycle round town for an hour and a half ( to be retrospectively applied to all drivers)

4) banks to give way a free gift of a bike with every new account

5) government spending on cycling infrastructure and eduction to raise to £15 per head of population per year (from the current £1)

6) employers and schools to grant 5 “sunny cycling days” per year, to be taken when the weather is too nice to be stuck in work/lessons

7) the Cycle to Work Scheme to cover the purchase of child trailers, bike seats or pullalongs without the need to buy a bike at the same time

8) access barriers on cycle paths to be positioned to allow trailers and pullalongs to pass easily

9) all potholes to be filled in

10) the BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2012 to be awarded to the entire Team GB Olympic and Paralymic squads

It goes without saying world peace, well behaved children and guilt free chocolate consumption would also be compulsory.

Let us know what you’d make compulsory if you ruled the world, via our comment form below.

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