Forget the horses – use a balance bike rocker instead!

Every so often I come across a brilliant way to get kids into cycling – and I’ve just found another one! We all know that toddlers love anything that rocks, from traditional rocking horses to those rockers with huge springs you get in playgrounds. If you’re lucky they’ll go backwards and forwards for hours on end. Wouldn’t it be great if they could be on a bike at the same time? A bike rocker is what’s needed… even better, a balance bike rocker, so when they’re ready they can actually ride the bike.

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Strider bikes balance bike rocker base

I was really interested when Strider Bikes got in touch to let me know about their balance bike rocker base

It allows you to attach a 12″ Strider balance bike so your child can rock away to their heart’s content from the age of 12 months (the saddle can go as low as 22cm from the base).  They don’t even need to be able to walk – just sit unsupported on the bike. 

Even better, there’s no batteries, no flashing lights and no annoying songs – just good old-fashioned rocking fun, on a bike. When your child is finally ready to actually ride the balance bike, you already have one – you just need to release it from the base. Ingenious!

The Strider balance bike rocker base is safety tested to work with a 12″ Strider balance bike only (their Classic, Sport or Pro models).

It shouldn’t be used with any other balance bike, as the safety features which secure the wheels in place may not work.

Strider Bikes UK launched the Rocker Base last year, but when Mark Cavendish spoke about how much his young son Frey loved the rocker live on TV the stock sold out almost overnight!  Here you can see little Frey in action…..


Freydog is absolutely loving his @striderbikes rocker base… Great for watching TV on too apparently!

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The stock has now been replenished and the base is available again in the UK.

Where to buy or lease a Strider Rocking Base

The Strider Rocking Base costs  £75 and the accompanying balance bike costs £110. 

Alternatively, you can lease the Strider Rocking Base, along with the Strider Balance Bike itself, from The Bike Club from a monthly payment of £3.50. 

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