Cube Junior Hoody Mirrored review

Cube - Junior HoodyOverview

The Cube Junior Hoody Mirrored is basically a miniature version of the adult 'After Race Series' top and is a great item to pull on after a good ride, or just generally when a warmer layer is required.


The hoody is made from 100% cotton that has been brushed on the inside to give it a lovely soft feel against the skin. Externally there is a large front pocket big enough to accommodate both hands comfortably, or alternatively a broad selection of sweets/sticks depending on mood. The cuffs are long and fairly tight fitting so a) the arms don't hang over the hands and b) cold air doesn't make it's way up inside.

The finish is excellent with all stitching clean and with no stray ends evident. The single yellow colour option is complimented by a lovely rich blue lining to the hood which is close fitting to the head but also has drawstrings to keep things nice and snug.

Across the front the Cube name is emblazoned in a mirrored fashion in red, green blue and white text. This all adds up to a really striking combination that works well and certainly looks great on Tester T!

Cube Junior Hoody - drawstrings to keep the hood closeSizing

We requested the hoody in size 122/128 with the intention of it fitting a 6/7 year old, however it is generous all round and so will certainly give some growing room. We also tried it on a 9 year old tester and it fitted well in the body but only just in the arm length.

Testers opinion

This top has gone down a storm with tester T, so much so that he's been very keen to wear it at any opportunity. However, it is a sumptuously warm and thick item and so making a grab for it in the middle of the day at the height of the summer is probably not the perfect time!

It has been put to use during summer evenings when the temperature drops and would be ideal as a layer for use during spring, autumn and winter.


How robust is it and how well does it wash?

Tester T is not what you would call a delicate child, so it's always fair to say review items that he has tried out are given a good once over. First wearing of the Cube Junior Hoody Mirrored top resulted in a serious coating of mud and grass which worried me somewhat as I hadn't taken any photo's of it in it's pristine condition for the review article!

I needn't have feared though as having extracted it from the washing machine it had reverted back to being a stunning yellow. And so it has been every time. The top comes in covered in who knows what, it gets chucked in the machine and comes out good as new. It has held up remarkably well to the outdoor adventures of a lively six year old!

Cube Junior Hoody Mirrored - warm and toastyConclusion

A well made hoody that is beautifully soft to the skin and robust enough to withstand the adventures of a fun loving six year old. The colour is vibrant and brings a touch of summer to those colder days. Recommended.

Where can I buy?

The Cube Junior Hoody Mirrored can be purchased from The Cube Bike Store or via the dealer network on the Cube website.


The Cube Junior Hoodie Mirrored was provided by  for review.

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