The Mousehole Mice – a beautifully illustrated book featuring cycling mice

Book review of The Mousehole Mice by Michelle Cartlidge

During our annual holiday to Cornwall, we discovered this lovely book by by Michelle Cartlidge.  The Mousehole Mice isn’t a book about cycling, but it’s one of those great children’s books that shows characters cycling in the background – something here at Cycle Sprog we absolutely love to see.

Our 4 year old son T has asked if we can review the book on Cycle Sprog, as he says other children will love looking at the pictures of the mice. So here goes…..

Book review of The Mousehole Mice by Michelle Cartlidge

The Mousehole Mice is a gentle story about a family of mice who visit Mousehole for their holiday.  While they are there the annual Sea Salt and Sail festival takes place.

Mousehole is inhabited entirely by mice – with the exception of several friendly cats.  During their stay the mice build sand castles, eat pasty’s for lunch, join in a sing-along on the beach and fall asleep to the sound of mermice singing.

The Mousehole Mice by Michelle Cartlidge is a kids book about cycling and using public transport

The beautiful illustrations in The Mousehole Mice will keep children occupied for ages – each page is full of mice of all ages engaged in activities, most of which will evoke memories of sunny holidays by the sea.

T particularly enjoyed the little mice learning to swim in a rock pool, cooking a huge meal using a boat oar as a spoon and of course the mice on bikes.

I smiled when I saw the holidaying mice looking in the estate agents window – wouldn’t it be idyllic to move to such a beautiful location!  There is also a full page showing the mice tending their allotments – a great opportunity to talk to your child about where food comes from.

So, all in all, a lovely picture book for the under 7’s which models a sustainable way of life by the sea – highly recommended!

The Mousehole Mice by Michelle Cartlidge is published in Hardback by Mabecron Books of Plymouth, with an RRP of £11.99

ISBN 978-0-9564-3503-3



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