Islabike Creig 24 Dark Teal

Islabikes reveal new mountain bikes and branding plus updates to range

Islabikes have announced some major changes to their range for Winter 2019, including 2 new bikes and lighter weight bikes

The weekend cycling adventures of a non-cycling parent

What’s it like being the parent of two Cycle Sprogs who want to fill every possible moment of a weekend with cycling activities?  In this great guest blog, Cycle Sprog reader Carl has kindly given us the low down of what an average weekend entails for him (a non-cycling parent) plus his thoughts on the…

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Cycle Sprog is a website all about cycling with kids, which husband and wife team Chris Jones and Karen Gee set up in 2012.  As parents of two young boys, they had been through 5 years of transporting one and then two children by bike –  firstly for fun at weekends, and later as a…

Girls on Bicycles

Girls on bicycles

I don’t know about you, but I get sad when I hear about girls who don’t cycle.  Girls in general do less sport and physical activity than boys, particularly as they get older. However cycling is so much more than just a sport or form of exercise – it’s a method of transport, a family…

Flying Fergus WBD costume for Sutton Cycling Club - one of the easiest World Book Day costumes

World Book Day – the best cycling themed costumes for WBD

Creating a literary based fancy dress costume for World Book Day is now an annual ritual for most families with primary school aged children.  Here at Cycle Sprog we love seeing what cycling based characters are chosen for World Book Day costumes each year, and 2019 was once again an inspirational year. Here’s a few…

Was this the easiest World Book Day ever?

Is this the easiest World Book Day costume? Thanks to Sir Chris Hoy your child can go to school in their cycling kit!

Flying Fergus 10

Final Flying Fergus children’s book published

The 10th and final book in this popular series is now available

Two kids riding mountain bikes with an adult

Buying a kids mountain bike – things you need to know

If you’re thinking of buying your child a mountain bike, check out our top 7 things to look out for

Trott MTB 1 white and purple

Things to know when buying a mountain bike (for a child or an adult)

There’s some basic things to think about when buying a mountain bike – either for you or your child

British Cycling One in a Million campaign

Cycling with kids can make you feel like one in a million

Cycling with kids can make you feel like one in million – for two different reasons