Help! Where can I buy a kids bike in time for Christmas 2020??

Time is running out, but if you’re quick you may just be able to order a bike in time for Christmas delivery

Learning to ride on a first bike

10 things you need to know before buying a balance bike for your toddler

Here’s 10 helpful questions to ask yourself when you’re buying a balance bike

Ben Scott Green - Arizona and Early Rider Featured image

Best girls bikes – as recommended by girls who ride bikes

Is there such a thing as a best girls bike?  And should we even be asking the question as a bike is a bike, and surely it should be good for either a boy or a girl? The problem, however, is that if you’re looking to buy a bike for a girl and don’t know…

Best picture books about cycling for babies and toddlers

Best children’s books about cycling 1: Picture books for young children

If you’ve got a young Cycle Sprog who just loves riding their bike, then finding them picture books that feature cycling and bikes is a really good way to get them enthusiastic about reading. These books also celebrate the joy of cycling, and will hopefully inspire a generation of children to spend more time on…

Flying Fergus WBD costume for Sutton Cycling Club - one of the easiest World Book Day costumes

The best World Book Day costumes 2020

World Book Day is one of my favourite days of the year on social media, as I get to see all the amazing costumes that kids up and down the country are wearing. It’s been brilliant again this year to see so many cycling inspired costumes. After all, what better way is there to spend…

The best children’s books about cycling 2 – fiction books

If you’ve got a cycle mad youngster who is learning to read, then picking story books about cycling can be a great way to get them enthusiastic about literature as well as keeping them interested in riding their bike.  In this article (the second in the series) I’ve selected some of the best children’s books…

The best children’s books about cycling 5: non-fiction

Here’s our pick of the best non-fiction kids books about cycling and bikes

Sprog Blog – our day watching the National Track Championships

Have you ever wondered what it’s like going to watch the cycle racing a velodrome? 8 year old Ethan and 6 year old Lucy were lucky enough to go to see the National Track Championships which took place at the end of January 2019 at the National Cycling Centre in Manchester.  Here’s their Sprog Blog…

New kids books about cycling published in 2019

2019 has been a pretty good year for children’s books about cycling. There’s been new installments in popular series, plus new fiction and non-fiction books for Cycle Sprogs of all ages. Here’s our round up of the best of those new books published either in paper or electronic versions in the past 12 months. Kids…

A bike – the best present you can give your child this Christmas

A bike is the best Christmas present you can give a child – we just hope Santa reads this post before he stocks up his sleigh!