Saskia joins Cycle Sprog HQ

Cycle Sprog HQ is very excited to announce that we've got a new staff member joining the team, Saskia Heijltjes. She'll be joining us as Content Editor.

Saskia has a background in digital content management and has previously worked in Higher Education and charities. She'll be in charge of the amazing wealth of information we've got on our website and will be providing you with lots of new and improved articles.

Saskia Heijltjes on a cargo bike with two children in the box at the front

Originally from the Netherlands, cycling is in Saskia's DNA and she kept cycling when moving to the UK about ten years ago.

She's now based in Bath and cycles everywhere, even though Bath is not exactly flat as a pancake! Before her second sprog arrived, she got an electric cargo bike which has made their lives much easier.

With two school-aged children, she knows all about the joys of cycling with children, including things like finding a pannier that fits on a child's bike and the annual hunt for waterproof gloves.

In her free time, Saskia is involved in campaigning for safe cycling infrastructure and has set up Kidical Mass in Bath. On these family-friendly cycle rides people of all ages come together to celebrate cycling and call for safer streets for everyone.

You might also see her name pop up as Bicycle Mayor of Bath, which is a fancy name for promoting cycling in her local town and being part of an international network of bicycle mayors.

Saskia said:
"I'm very excited to be joining Cycle Sprog. As a content professional and Bicycle Mayor of Bath, this role is perfect for me. I am looking forward to encouraging more families to take up cycling with a bit of help from Cycle Sprog."

Cycle Sprog's founder, Karen Gee adds:

"Saskia joining the team is an exciting moment in Cycle Sprog's journey from a small blog to the leading resource for family cycling in the UK.  Her experience of cycling with two young children, combined with her campaigning knowledge and career in digital content management means we can turbo boost the amount of content we're writing - helping more and more families get on their bikes. 

I know the Cycle Sprog community will welcome Saskia with open arms, and enjoy reading the increasing number of articles we'll be able to publish." 

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Find out more about Kidical Mass:

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