Safety notice published for woom kids bikes

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woom Bikes have published a safety notice relating to a specific range of woom kids bikes with a one-bolt stem clamp design.

The safety recall was published on 8 July 2023 and applies to woom Original bikes from model years 2018-2021.

Simon Timlett, who imports woom Bikes for the Little Bike Company said:

"From 2018-2021, the bikes were manufactured and sold with a single bolt securing the stem to the head tube. It was found that, if the bolt was not maintained at the recommended torque of 10Nm, then, over time, there was the possibility of the stem not being fully secure."

woom 3 original kids bike in blue

woom Bikes advises to stop riding the bikes until you have received your maintenance kit which allows you to tighten up the stem, if needed.

If your child's bike is affected, woom Bikes suggest you take the following steps:

  1. Find out if your bike is affected, using the Online Stem Checker
  2. If your bike is affected, order your free woom ORIGINAL Stem Maintenance Kit with free shipping, containing everything you need to service your stem
  3. Use your woom ORIGINAL Stem Maintenance Kit to secure the stem

There's also a second option for people who live near a woom Bikes dealer. You can get a voucher for a free stem service at participating woom Bikes dealers.

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