Cycle Sprog launches new Kids Bike Search

Ever had that feeling of overwhelm when you're looking for a bike for your child?   Have you looked at all the choices mentioned in Cycle Sprog articles and thought "where do I start"?

Good news is at hand!!!

We've felt your pain, and have been working hard behind the scenes for well over 18 months to build something really exciting, that is going to speed up the bike buying process.

The Cycle Sprog Kids Bike Search is here!

And it's going to help you find that perfect bike in just a few clicks.

Next time the child in your life has outgrown their bike (or if they're needing their first bike) just head to our website.

Simply key in a few details and we'll show you all the options available.

So there's no more time wasted trying to hunt down the individual details of each bike to see if it comes in orange, or searching in the small print for whether you can fit mudguards. It's all made clear in the click of a button.

Get quickly to the bike that's perfect for your child

You can narrow your search down very easily by clicking on "Advance Search Options"

If your child really must have a green bike, you can see every bike that comes in green.

If they change their mind and decide yellow is their favourite colour, you can just as quickly see which bikes now make the cut.

If you really need to be able to fit a pannier rack, you can quickly see all the bikes that have pannier mounting points.   Prefer quick release wheels?  Not a problem - just tick the box!

You can see where to buy new or used, and if the bike is available to lease long term.

You can also limit bikes to a particular price range, although please note this only uses the RRP for a new bike, so you may be cutting out second hand and lease options if you go too narrow.

And you can rest assured that with the Cycle Sprog Kids Bike Search you're only being recommended "proper" bikes that are designed for a child to ride, rather and really cheap toys that tend to be too heavy to ride, and sometimes don't even last beyond Boxing Day.

Big group of kids on bikes cheering (probably because their parents found them the best bike on the Cycle Sprog Search!)

All the big names in kids bikes

We've been working with all the big names in the cycle industry to get their bikes into our search so you may see bikes from brands including Frog, Woom, Frome, Specialized, Hornit, Islabikes, Cube, Squish, Giant, Hoy, Pinnacle or KidVelo coming back in your results.

Plus there are more brands coming soon to the Cycle Sprog Kids Bike Search!

Given the current issues with kids bike supply not all of the bikes are available at the moment, but you can also see discontinued and long term out of stock bikes too at the click of a button, so it's worth doing this if you're planning to buy second hand.

We'll keep updating the list as more bikes become available.

Cycle Sprog's unique advice

You'll get to see a summary of our thoughts on each bike - it's not just brand sales spiel, but our unique thoughts on who the bike will suit and why. You'll also see whether it's a bike we've reviewed and recommended.

Just click on the "Read more" link to see full specification details (as provided by the brand) plus our more detailed independent thoughts on the bike.

In the Read More section we'll also provide any relevant advice on bikes that are common second hand so you know you're getting a good deal.

Plus you can also link through to our relevant reviews for even more information.

Launching now, and improving in future

Given how close we are to Christmas we thought we set the Cycle Sprog Kids Bike Search loose now as it's up and running.

Yes, there's still some photos to sort out, and yes, some descriptions need adding, but the basics are there and hopefully it will speed up the bike buying process for many parents this Christmas.

Give it a go, and let us know how you get on.

Need more help on buying a kids bike?

We know that sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming trying to find that perfect bike for your child - especially when stocks are low or timescales are tight.

Please don't get too stressed!  We've got lots of articles to help you through the process to ensure you find the best bike for your child, plus our FREE kids buying guide will help you record everything you need.

Click here for more help


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