Pinnacle Koto 16

The Pinnacle Koto 16 is a good value option if you’re looking for a decent 16″ wheel kids bike without the higher price tag of some of the more premium brands.

The aluminium frame with aluminium rims helps to keep this bike reasonably light, meaning it will be much easier for your 4 or 5 year old child to manoeuvre than a 16 inch wheel bike several kilos heavier.

Quality bearings in the hubs, cranks and headset make for a smooth ride.

Whilst the bike comes fitted with stabilisers, you may what to read this article about whether stabilisers are a good idea before deciding whether to fit them.

The Pinnacle Koto 16 makes a good secondhand choice – remember we always recommend buying a good quality used 16″ wheel kids bike bike cheaply, than a cheap, poor quality new bike (which won’t be anywhere as much fun to ride).

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Pinnacle Koa 14

The Pinnacle Koa 14 is a great kids bike at the lower cost end of the 14″ wheel kids bike price spectrum. The lightweight aluminium frame with aluminium rims avoids this bike being too heavy. This will help your child feel more confident and in control on the bike, making it quite easy to move around.

The Koa 14 features many of the attributes we look for in a quality children’s bike. It features proportionately sized, micro-reach brake levers, handlebars and cranks.

Quality bearings in the hubs, cranks and headset make for a smooth ride, and if the reviews on the Evans website can be believed, these are a popular choice for a first pedal bike.

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Pinnacle Kauri 26

The Kauri 26 is Pinnacle’s do everything bike, designed to be at home riding to school, as well as forays into off-road adventure.

Features such as the single chainring and wide ratio 9 speed cassette gives a good spread of gears whilst keeping things light.

With off-road exploration in mind, the Kauri 26 also comes equipped with Clarks hydraulic disc brakes which should be reliable brakes with plenty of stopping power.

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Pinnacle Ash 20

The Pinnacle Ash 20 is a kids bike aimed at ages 5 – 8 years old, featuring a lightweight aluminum frame and wheels.

The Ash 20 has child-friendly short-reach brake levers and comfortable rubber grips making is easy for your child to come to a stop. This bike is a good all-rounder, whether your child is riding to school or riding through the park on weekends, Pinnacle has made this bike to handle it all.

As well as being available new, the Pinnacle Ash 20 is a popular secondhand choice and is often available.

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Pinnacle Aspen 24

The Pinnacle Aspen 24 is one of Evans Cycles best selling 24″ wheel children’s bikes, and the customer reviews of the bike speak for themselves. Parents have often upgraded to this bike from a much cheaper and heavier one, and are surprised and overjoyed at how much their child suddenly loves riding their bike.
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