Pinnacle Aspen 24

The Pinnacle Aspen 24 is one of Evans Cycles best selling 24″ wheel children’s bikes, and the customer reviews of the bike speak for themselves.

Parents have often upgraded to this bike from a much cheaper and heavier one, and are surprised and overjoyed at how much their child suddenly loves riding their bike (we obviously know this, and therefore don’t recommend you ever buy a cheap hunk of metal pretending to be a bike!)

So, what is it that sets the Pinnacle apart from it’s cheaper rivals?  Here are a few of the things mentioned
– the lightweight (ironically it comes in at 10.1kg making it one of the heavier 24″ wheel bikes we feature on this website)
– the durability – no faults that need fixing after just a few rides
– the width and grip of the tyres
– the ease of changing gear

It also has a single chainring, something not always found on cheaper bikes. This means your child only has to worry about changing gear with one hand, which makes life a lot easier and maintenance issues less likely.

These are all great reasons to buy this bike – although it’s a bit worrying that all these points get called out as reasons why people upgrading to this bike love it so much.  It just goes to show the low quality of some other, cheaper bikes available!

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