Islabikes Cnoc 14 Large

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The Islabikes Cnoc 14 Large is a good secondhand first pedal bike. The attention to detail on an Islabike is second to none – you get over a decade of obsession all packaged up into one bike.

There are two sizes of Islabikes Cnoc 14 so measure your child carefully to make sure you’re getting the correct version. The measurements on this page are for the Cnoc 14 Large – there is the Cnoc 14 Small if your child doesn’t quite fit.

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Islabikes Cnoc 14 Small

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The Cnoc 14 Small is a small 14″ wheel pedal bike and is suitable for children with an inside leg from just 34cm.

The attention to detail borders on the obsessive with every component carefully designed for such a young rider. The pedals, the cranks, the brakes, the frame, the saddle, the list goes on and on – every bit of this bike has been designed for the size of the child riding it.

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Islabikes Rothan 14

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The Rothan 14 was the largest balance bike that Islabikes offer, and is a very lightweight balance bike, weighing only 3.4kg, and comes with a rear brake.

It features its own custom short-reach brake lever for a rear brake which works as a great introduction to the concept of braking.

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Islabikes Rothan 12

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The Islabikes Rothan 12 was the smallest Islabike you can buy, and is designed for children from the age of about 2 years (inside leg 30cm), there’s a larger Rothan 14 if they’re a bit taller.

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Islabikes Creig 27

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The Islabikes Creig 27 is a quality kids bike aimed at children aged 10-13 years of age.

The Creig 27 is a lightweight mountain bike for smaller riders who want a bike that can handle anything, from short trails to big mountain paths.

The Creig 27 features 27.5″ wheels, which are tubeless ready and feature Vee Crown Gem 27.5″ x 2.25″ tyres.

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Islabikes Creig 20

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The Creig 20 was the smallest mountain bike that Islabikes offered, joining the Creig 24, 26 and 27 to complete the set. The Creig 20 differs slightly to its larger-wheeled siblings in that it doesn’t feature a suspension fork. Islabikes have instead opted for a rigid aluminium, straight-bladed fork.

Featuring Stan’s No Tubes Crest rims on Islabikes own hubs, the Creig 20 is kept as lightweight as possible.

The drivetrain features a 7speed 11-34T cassette paired with a 28T chainring and Islabikes own aluminium direct mount crank.

The Creig 20 weighs in at 7.7kgs, which makes it a lightweight in its class.

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