Islabikes Rothan 14

Sadly Islabikes stopped selling new bikes in 2023, so this bike is now only available to buy second hand.

Islabikes had two versions of its Rothan balance bike, the Rothan 12 and the Rothan 14.

The Rothan 14 was the largest balance bike that Islabikes offer, and is a very light balance bike, weighing just 3.4kg, and comes with a rear brake.

It features its own custom short-reach brake lever for a rear brake which works as a great introduction to the concept of braking.

The Rothan 14 is the 14″ wheeled version of the Rothan. But don’t let its diminutive stature fool you, the Rothan 14 is packed with features. For starters it has proper wheels and tyres, all Islabikes own with custom low spoke count wheels and proportionate tyre width tyres.

Frame and fork are both aluminium with a custom scooped saddle that Islabikes says “The scooped profile and textured top keeps the rider centred as they start to find their balance point”

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