BTwin Rockrider ST900

BTwin Rockrider ST900

The BTwin Rockrider ST900 model is a generously equipped kids mountain bike with a new lightweight aluminium frame design paired with a Suntour XCT suspension fork with 50mm of travel to help cushion the lumps and bumps of forays through woods and forests.

Aimed at riders between the ages of 9 and 12, the ST900 takes the game a step further than its ST500 sibling, with the fitment of mechanical disc brakes front and rear for added stopping power, plus an 8 speed gearing system with a single chainring at the front for simplicity and operated with a Shimano Altus thumbshifter and derailleur.

The Rockrider ST900 also compares favourably with bikes carrying a higher price tag in terms of weight, coming in at 12kg including pedals.

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BTwin Rockrider ST 500 24″

BTwin are the in-house brand of kids bikes at Decathlon, and they come in a range of prices and specifications.

The Rockrider ST500 24 inch is one of their steel framed entry level mountain bikes, suited for gentle riding on or off road.

The gearing is 18 speed (which can be more confusing than 6 or 7 gears due to needing to use both hands to change gear).

The v-brakes should be plenty good enough for gentle off roading in fair weather, and the bike has front coil suspension to smooth out some of the bumps on the trail.

The front wheel is quick release, to help with transporting and maintenance, and the tyres are designed for gentle off roading.

Given it’s such a cheap MTB, the BTwin Rockrider offers a really good value entry level mountain bike, that should provide plenty of scope for fun during summer riding.

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BTwin Rockrider ST 500 26 inch

BTwin (who are an in-house brand of Decathlon) are going through a makeover of their kids bicycle range, with some very good value bikes arriving in stock.

The BTwin Rockrider ST500 is a 26″ wheel kids mountain bike aimed at riders around 9-12 years of age and between 135 and 150cm tall.

Featuring an aluminium frame and suspension fork at the front, the ST500 comes with a single chainring and 7 speed gearing using a thumbshifter to minimise complications (kids mountain bikes at this cheap a price usually have a lot more gears that are confusing to use and harder to maintain).

The bike is equipped with v-brakes and a set of tyres suitable for gentle off roading.

They’ve got a great video on the Decathlon website showing the types of fun you can have on these bikes.

With a price of £249.99 the BTwin Rockrider ST500 really does represent value for money and would be a great way to get a child off road and muddy!

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Btwin Riverside 20″ 900

The BTwin Riverside 900 is a lightweight aluminium bike at a great price point.

For ages Decathlon’s own brand BTwin kids bikes have been much heavier steel affairs, so we’re really pleased to see that they’re upgrading to aluminium for the frame, fork and chainset. Not only is this lighter (and therefore easier to ride) it’s also much less likely to rust.

The Btwin Riverside 900 with 20″ wheels is a great hybrid bike for ages 6 – 9 years old with a height of 120 – 135cm.

It is available in a grey/green colour and is a lightweight bike that will be great for riding both on tarmac and on the trails.

The specification on the 900 range of BTwin kids bikes includes all the things we’d expect to see at a much higher price.  This means you get things such as easy to use gears, child friendly brakes and shorter cranks for easier pedalling.

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BTwin 16 900

It’s unusual to find a lightweight aluminium framed 16″ wheel kids bike at this price point.  B’Twin is the in-house brand for Decathlon, which explains why – they’re such a huge company they have economies of scale that many smaller brands don’t have.  This means they can deliver a great value kids bike at a cheap price.

Until recently Decathlon’s kids bikes were all heavy steel framed affairs, but they’re been upgrading their range and the B’Twin 16 900 is a great example of what they’ve managed to deliver.

The BTwin 16 weighs in at 7.3kg, which is significantly lighter than most cheap 16 inch kids bikes at this price, or lower.

Plus the bicycle is fitted with mudguards, a kickstand and a chain guard, which can be great additions if you’re riding regularly to school or around town and want your child to ride their own bike.

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BTwin 26 Riverside 900

The BTwin 26 is a good choice if you’re looking for a lightweight aluminium framed bike but don’t want the cost of some of the more premium brands. The bike is aimed at ages 9 and over. 

This bike has many features you’d want on your child’s bike, including a single chainring for simple gear changes, child-proportioned brake levers to make stopping easier, and hybrid tyres to suit lots of terrains.

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