woom Original 1 PLUS

woom Bikes are an Austrian company and are one of only a few brands who have a big balance bike available for older and taller children. It’s called the woom Original 1 PLUS(as you can see they do weird things with capitals which may cause upset to some people!)

The woom Original 1 plus balance bike is sized for children aged between about three and a half to 5 years of age, with an inside leg measurement of between 36cm and 49cm, although all kids do vary in size so it’s best to measure them carefully.

This 14″ wheel balance bike comes with both front and rear brakes which is again quite unusual for balance bikes and helps with the step up to a pedal bike if and when the time is right.

One thing we like about the woom range is that they colour code the rear brake lever and the brake pads, so you can just tell your child to use the green brake. No confusing left/rights or front/backs.  This colour coding continues through their starter pedal bikes which is helpful.

We’ve reviewed a few woom Bikes (including their 14″ wheel pedal bike, the woom 2) and our reviewers have always been very impressed with the quality and longevity of these bikes.

To find out more about the woom range, read our comprehensive guide to woom kids bikes.

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