Vitus Nippy Balance Bike

The Vitus Nippy Balance Bike is really lightweight! When we first picked one up we were really amazed at how little there was to it.

At just 1.9kg and fitted with tiny 10″ wheels it’s perfect for young children who don’t have the strength to manoeuvre a heavier / larger balance bike.

The saddle height ranges from 31cm to 38cm allowing plenty of room for growth.

One difference between this bike and more expensive balance bikes is the tyres. On the Vitus Nippy they are 10″ plastic ones, rather than the standard 12″ air-inflated tyres you get on a higher priced balance bike.

This means the ride won’t be quite a comfortable, but it’s a great value option for those just starting out on two wheels, or for children who are only riding their balance bike inside.  Plus you don’t have to worry about punctures!

More recently Vitus have released the Vitus Smoothy, which is larger and comes with pneumatic tyres for a smoother ride, which would be more suitable if you’re planning to get out and about a lot on the balance bike, or have a bigger child.

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