Vitus Nippy balance bike 2021

Vitus Nippy Balance Bike

At just 1.9kg the Vitus Nippy balance bike is perfect for young children who don’t have the strength to manoeuvre a heavier or larger balance bike.  

One of the main differences between this bike and more expensive balance bikes is the tyres.  On the Vitus Nippy they are 10″ plastic, rather than the 12″ air-inflated tyres you get on a more expensive balance bike, which will impact the comfort if your child is riding outside.

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Vitus Smoothy Balance Bike 2021

Vitus Smoothy Balance Bike

The Vitus Smoothy is a lightweight balance bike with “proper” pneumatic tyres that will make learning to ride a lot of fun.

The frame is made from magnesium, which has been cast allowing a carry handle gap in the middle for when your little one has had enough and your need to get the bike home. 

Vitus say they’ve specially designed the saddle to have a scoop in it to provide an optimal riding position, and they’ve used their experience of designing bikes of all shapes and sizes to make sure the technical elements on the Smoothly, such as the headset, bearings and wheels, are top notch. 

What stands the Smoothy out from other similar specified balance bikes is the low price – you’re certainly getting a lot of balance bike for your money.  Most similarly specified bikes are quite a lot more expensive.

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Vitus Nucleus 26 2021 kids mountain bike with 26" wheels and front suspension fork

Vitus Nucleus 26

Designed from scratch for young mountain bikers but taking styling cues from the adult range, the Nucleus 26 looks every inch the part, with progressive geometry and components sized for the younger rider so that it fits just right. 

The Nucleus 26 comes packed with a great specification including hydraulic disc brakes, a short stem and wide bars for rider control, plus an efficient ‘single ring’ gearing setup with a broad spread of ratios that should allow many a hill to be conquered.

Vitus has also specified a Spinner 300 air fork with 100mm of travel that can be tuned for the weight of the rider.

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Vitus 24+ kids bike 2021 with wide tyres

Vitus 24+

The Vitus 24+ (said Twenty Four Plus) is a mixture of a bike – part mountain bike, part slightly-fat-bike, part good allrounder. 

The wider than normal tyres provide good stability, and the bike coped well on a wide variety of surfaces.  It’s a good looking, all round choice if you’re wanting to do some off road riding, but don’t want to get a mountain bike for reasons of cost or practicality.   

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Vitus 24 kids bike 2021

Vitus 24

The Vitus 24 is a great choice for cycling to school and on gentle off road rides.  It has all the qualities you’d expect to see on a lightweight kids bike, but they’ve managed to keep the price point below some of the other brands. 

We’ve reviewed two of their other kids bikes and were really impressed. We’ve also seen the rest of their range up close and were pleased to see the effort put into the design, including the geometry, child sized components and overall style of the bikes.

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Vitus Nucleus 24 - a great value, well specificed kids mountain bike with 24" wheels - perfect for 8 year olds

Vitus Nucleus 24

The Vitus range is really pushing the boundaries for what you get for your money when buying a 24″ wheel kids mountain bike, both in terms of performance and looks.

The Vitus Nucleus 24 features disc brakes and air sprung forks, while most other mountain bikes at this price will have either rim brakes or coil forks in order to keep the price down. 

The Nucleus 24 has a single chainring at the front, meaning your Sprog doesn’t have to worry about complicated left-hand gear changes, with a great spread of gears for even the steepest hills.  This makes for a great bike, without the price tag associated with so many of the other quality 24″ wheel MTB’s. 

Vitus say this bike is suitable for XC, trail and bikepark riding.

We’ve recently reviewed the slightly larger Vitus Nucleus 26 and were really impressed with how this bike performed over a summer of riding at various trail centres and bike parks in Wales. 

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Vitus 20+ kids bike with wider fat tyres suitable for getting into mountain biking

Vitus 20+

The Vitus 20 Plus is an eyecatching option for kids looking to get out on the trails. It’s a 20″ wheel bike with plus size (2.6″) tan wall tyres – which will really make your Cycle Sprog stand out.  It’s not all about looks though – it’s built around a lightweight 6061-alloy frame, with stopping power provided by Tektro mechanical disc brakes which have adjustable brake levers for small hands.

We’ve reviewed this bike and our test rider really enjoyed riding the Vitus on a mix of on and off road surfaces in various weather conditions.

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Vitus 16 kids bike 2021

Vitus 16

The Vitus 16 is a great choice for budding cyclists who want to ride further and faster as they get confidence and strength on their bike. It has a lightweight 6061 alloy frame and fork plus the all important child specific components such as brake levers, saddle and handlebars. 

We’ve reviewed several larger Vitus bikes and our testers have been very impressed with the build quality and comfort of the ride.

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Vitus 20 kids bike 2021

Vitus 14

The Vitus 14 is designed with young riders in mind, with adjustable brake levers for smaller hands and Kendra tyres designed to cope with grass, gravel and tarmac surfaces.

This is a great entry-level bike that is lightweight without breaking the bank

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Vitus 20 kids bike 2021

Vitus 20

With a long, slack geometry the Vitus 20 is a stable bike for kids getting used to riding further, using gears and assisting in developing their general riding skills and confidence.

It’s a good option if you’re thinking of doing some mountain biking (blue graded trails), whilst your child is also wanting to ride regularly on tarmac or grass.

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