Squish 26

The Squish 26 comes with a 13″ frame for those with a minimum inside leg of 67cm, and a 15″ frame for those slightly taller (with a minimum inside leg of 70cm).  The bikes are available in three paint jobs that have been designed to appeal to older kids, so they’ve lost the fun and childish vibe of smaller Squish bikes.

The 8 gears (Shimano 8spd 11-32T cassette coupled with a 32T single chainring) should be sufficient for most lumps and bumps and the tyres will be fine for a variety of terrains, although if you’re thinking of mainly doing mountain biking Squish do a 26″ wheel MTB which you may wish to consider instead.

We haven’t reviewed this particular bike, but we have tested the smaller Squish 18 as well as the 26″ wheel mountain bike.  You can read our reviews of these bikes to confirm that they’re good quality, lightweight bikes that are great fun to ride:


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