Forme Kinder MX26

Sadly Forme Bikes went out of business in March 2023, so new bikes are now hard to find.  However the good news is most of their warehouse was bought by Bike Club so kids can continue to ride these great bikes for years to come.  

Forme was a British bike brand based in the Peak District, and they released a range of lightweight, quality kids bikes for winter 2020.

The specification is what you’d expect from a quality kids bike brand – the Kinder MX26 is very light and fitted with easy to use gears and good all round tyres.

The Forme Kinder MX26 is meant to be ridden year round so Forme has specified an internal headset (where the forks and frame connect) to minimise exposure to the inevitable British weather.

It’s been specifically designed for a junior rider so the handlebars, crankset and pedals saddle have the correct proportions as does the saddle to ensure comfort and the correct rider position on the bike.

At this age, kids are growing fast so if you’re tempted to skip this size bike and go straight to a small adult bike you might want to consider the option of leasing the Forme Kinder MX26 from The Bike Club.

You simply pay them a monthly subscription and when your child has outgrown the bike you send it back and cancel the membership or upgrade to a bigger bike (they sometimes have adult bikes in stock too).

There’s no minimum membership period, so this can avoid the upfront costs of a new bike they may not ride for long. Plus it’s environmentally friendly as the returned bike will be serviced and dispatched to the next rider.

The Forme Kinder MX26 is a good all round option if your child is doing various types of cycling.

We’ve not reviewed this particular wheel sized Forme Kinder, but we have reviewed the smaller Kinder MX20, and were impressed. This larger bike is a scaled up version of the smaller bike.

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