Forme Cubley 16

Sadly Forme Bikes went out of business in March 2023, so new bikes are now hard to find.  However the good news is most of their warehouse was bought by Bike Club so kids can continue to ride these great bikes for years to come.  

If you’re looking for a lightweight, well-specified 16″ wheel bike then it’s well worth considering Forme bikes.

Whilst they’ve been better known for their extensive range of adult bikes, they released a range of quality kids bikes late in 2020, which has proved really popular with our readers.

The Cubley 16 has all the features we’re used to seeing from the more established kids bike brands.

We’re impressed with the low weight of the Forme Cubley 16 – it tips the scales at just 6.64kg. It’s so important to have a bike that your child can pick up and manoeuvre without struggling if they’re going to enjoy riding it (plus it’s much easier for you when you’re carrying it around).

Subscribe to the Bike Club and get this great Forme Bike for a low monthly cost. When it gets too small just upgrade it for another one (the bike, not the child!) 

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The Cubley 16 is fitted with all-terrain tyres plus it has an integrated headset where the bearings are hidden to protect from the rain and give you peace of mind that your Sprog can enjoy year-round riding whatever the weather.

Other features on this bike include a size specific crankset for little legs, narrow bars, short-reach stem and smaller pedals.

We've been sent a couple of the new Forme Bikes to review - here's our first impressions review of the Forme Cubley.


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