Kids Tour de France yellow jersey review (and KoM!)

Every year my boys are fascinated by who has won which jersey during each stage of Le Tour de France.  When they managed to cycle all the way to the top of Cragg Vale on Day 2 of the 2014 Tour, I promised them both a treat. Several days later a couple of kids Tour de France jerseys arrived and the boys were beyond excited!  The youngest, 5 year old T, got a kids size yellow jersey, as he always has to win everything, whilst 8 year old N got the kids King of the Mountains polka dot jersey, as he was just starting to take an interest in road cycling.   As these have been their favourite items of cycling clothing over the past couple of years, I thought it was about time to write a Kids Tour de France yellow jersey review.

Kids Tour de France yellow jersey review and King of the Mountains junior jersey review

How durable is a kids Tour de France replica jersey?

The price of both cycling jerseys combined made my eyes water a bit, but I can say that after several years the investment has been worth it.  Firstly, the jersey’s are extremely well made, and have stood up to being worn not only for cycling, but also around the house and out whilst playing with friends.  They wash incredibly well, although we have been careful to avoid wearing them whilst eating tomato based foods.  I bought the jerseys to be slightly on the large size, and they are now on their third summer for each boy (now fitting very snug, which was probably how they were intended in the first place!)  Both jerseys are still in a great condition, and could be either passed on to friends or relatives, or I may consider selling on Ebay to recoup some of the original outlay.

The King of the Mountains jersey did require a couple of stiches on the base of the zip at the end of the second summer of wear, but this was the jersey material coming away from outside fabric of the zip due to over vigorous pulling by my son, rather than anything to do with the functionality of the zip itself.  A couple of stiches and it’s back to full functionality again, and will be fine to pass down to T when N has finally grown out of it.

What features do the junior Tour de France jersey’s have?

Le Coq Sportive kids sized Tour de France jerseys come with the same quality of manufacture as the adult sizes, and this really shows. Made with polyester for the front and back, the jersey guarantees moisture wicking for extra breathability and lightweight feel. This is great if you’re out cycling on a hot and sticky summers day. An adhesive band of silicon is applied to the bottom of the jersey front to ensure it stays in place whilst cycling and to prevent any air infiltration. This is a nice touch that is missing from some cheaper kids cycling jerseys.

The back is made of moisture-wicking mesh for improved breathability, and there is a 3D mesh piece on the top of the back to optimise heat evacuation. The jersey’s ergonomic structure is completed with silicone strips to keep it in place when racing and prevent air penetration, and flat seams to prevent chafing. This is very important when you are racing your brother, sister or friend (or even mum or dad!).

Kids size king of the mountain replica jersey review

The Tour de France junior jerseys have also proved extremely popular with friends of all ages (especially teenagers) and we’ve been asked on numerous occasions where we got them.

Be warned however, that each year the detail on a Tour de France jersey changes slightly. The King of the Mountains jersey purely changes the year on the logo, but the yellow jersey sometimes has a very subtle image that reflects the location of Le Grand Depart. T has the 2014 Yorkshire Rose, whilst the 2015 motif representsed Utrecht. For 2017 there’s a new detailing on the back, with a tricolour stripe down each of the rear seams.

Rear view of the Kids Tour de France Yellow Jersey 2017 TDFThe unexpected benefit of the investment in the TDF kids jerseys was the impact it has on the boys cycling.  T is now 7 years old, and these are his words specifically for this Kids Tour de France yellow jersey review:

“My yellow jersey is very good because it is cool and awesome. When I ride in it I feel very special and feel like a proper cyclist.”

Kids Tour de France yellow jersey review When they are wearing their Tour de France jerseys both boys seem to be able to cycle further and faster, and stay in the saddle for longer without moans and groans.  They were definitely inspired by seeing the Tour de France, and the jerseys have been a brilliant way to keep that inspiration alive.

Kids Tour de France yellow jersey review: Overall verdict

Le Coq Sportive kids sized replica Tour de France jersey’s are very well made child sized cycling jerseys that wash well. They also help inspire kids to cycle longer, further and faster. I’d definitely consider buying another one when my children grow out of their current sizes.

Where to buy kids Tour de France jerseys

The 2017 Kids size Tour de France Yellow Jerseys  and King of the Mountains Jerseys are both on sale at the following retailers:

Evans Cycles
Pro Bike Kit

Obviously availability of sizes will decrease as the race goes on, so don’t leave it too late to purchase.

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This review of the kids sized Tour de France jersey’s was first published in July 2015 and updated in June 2017 to reflect a further year’s use and availability of the 2017 jerseys.

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