The Bike-Eye rear view mirror for bikes – review

When I was a nipper, too many years ago to divulge, I had a long, shiny chrome mirror attached to my handlebars. I’d like to say I was the envy of every kid in the area, but truth be told we all had them.

So here we are in 2012, with a new, improved and less blingy rear view mirror for bikes that attaches to either your top or downtube. Designed to view the traffic coming up behind a cyclist, the Bike Eye is also great if you have a trailer, tagalong or towbar, as you can see what your passenger is up to.

Rear view mirrors for bikes – how easy are they to fit?

In a word – very! The Bike-Eye is attached to the frame by two cable ties which, if taking your time and being careful, should take a minute or two tops to install.

First of all, I fitted the Bike-Eye to a standard racing cycle frame, testing it on both the crossbar and the down tube without any problems. So being wise to all things frame-like, I decided to check it on a mountain bike with oversized (see chunky) frame tubes. This time I was not so successful, as it would not fit securely on the downtube. However, the top tube mount was fine, so I tightened up the cable ties and went for a spin.

Bike-Eye rear view mirror

How secure is the Bike-Eye?

Once in position and securely tightened, the Bike-Eye feels firmly planted with no inkling of wanting to shift around.

How robust is it?

An all plastic affair, it feels rather rugged and should be able to take a knock or two in its stride.

How good is the visibility provided by the Bike Eye mirror?

It takes a moment or two to twiddle the mirror into a position that suits and allows for a clear view behind, but once set up the image and stability of the image are very good. One thing to note is that the mirror should be positioned to give a clear view down the frame of the bike, however when pedalling your leg is going to get in the way at certain times. Apart from this there is a very good view behind.

Any issues?

If you are in the habit of wearing a flowing skirt then it is likely that it will not be possible to get a line of sight down the bike.

It doesn’t work with a rear seat fitted, as you just get a view of legs!

Where can I buy the Bike Eye mirror?

The Bike-Eye is available for around £15 from Halfords and Amazon


If you’re in the market for a mirror to check on the little ones or to see what is coming up from behind, check out the Bike-Eye.


Cycle Sprog received the Bike-Eye Mirror for review


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