Road bike wheel 24 inch with orange centre disc

The best road bikes for kids aged 8 and over – 24″ wheels

Does your child want a bike like they ride in the Tour de France? Check these out!

Jogging with your child as they cycle

7 ways to cycle with a young child, toddler or baby

Getting out for a bike ride is (in our onion) one of the best things in life. Whether you’re cycling for fitness, for mental well being, for transport, for sport, for the climate or for enjoyment there’s so many benefits.  However, what happens if you have a baby, toddler or young child? Even if they…

Knog Pop Lights

The best bike lights for kids – Winter 2022

Now the nights are drawing in it’s important to make sure your child is visible in the dark

Family cycling review of 2021

Cycle Sprog round up of 2021

As 2021 draws to a close I thought it would be good to look back on the past 12 months and remember all the important things that happened in the wonderful world of family cycling. Join me on the Cycle Sprog review of 2021!

Boxing Day Sales on children's bikes and cycling accessories. Visual Description: Banner with the letters S A L and E on each flag

Boxing Day Sales – kids bikes and accessories

Bargain bikes in the Boxing Day sales!

Where can I find a kids bike in time for Christmas?

Where to find an in stock kids bike in time for Santa’s delivery on Christmas Day!

The best Christmas presents for kids who love to cycle - the image shows a little father christmas on a bike cycling through a plate of Christmas themed biscuits

The best Christmas presents for kids who like to cycle – 2021

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift? Here’s our list!

Cycling Santa Clause

Help! Where is still delivering kids bikes for Christmas 2021?

Time is running out, but if you’re quick you may just be able to order a bike in time for Christmas delivery

Black outline of children riding their bikes against the sunset, with mirror image in water underneath them

Black Friday deals on kids bikes 2022

Black Friday madness is here already – check out where the best deals are on kids bikes

Black Friday balance bike deals for toddlers

Best Black Friday Balance Bike deals for toddlers – 2022

You dont have to wait until Black Friday to get a discount on a balance bike