Specialized Jett 16

The Jett 16 from Specialized has a great little addition that makes it different from most other kids bikes of this size.

How all the various components on a bike such as saddle, pedals and handlebar are configured can make a real difference to the comfort of the ride.  For example, a child with very long legs and a short body is going to benefit from  a different set up to a child with very short legs and a long body.

Specialized have created a nifty little app that allows you to key in your child’s measurements and they will tell you which position to put the various components for the best fit for your child.

This is particularly helpful to keep an eye on the set up of the bike every time your child grows – you just double check their measurements on the app and make any necessary adjustments.  There’s clearly numbered scales on the bike so it’s easy to make the changes.

This sizing app isn’t just a gimmick however – Specialized have created a quality, lightweight bike too, with kid sized components and a lightweight aluminium frame to make handling the bike easy for your child.

The bike has been designed with two positions for the pedals, meaning you can extend the length of the crank as your child’s legs grow.  This means you should get plenty of use out of this bike if you buy it when your child is towards the lower end of the size range.

We’ve reviewed the Specialized Jett 20 – a slightly larger geared version of this bike – and were very impressed with it’s performance in more urban settings, although it’s able to handle gentle off road riding too.

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