Scott Contessa/Roxter 14

The Scott Contessa/Roxter 14 are great kids bikes suitable for young riders aged 3 to 5 years old.

The main thing to realise about the bike is that the rear brake is a coaster brake. This means that your child needs to pedal backwards to stop their bike. This will happen without them having to use the brake lever for the front brake.

Some young children struggle with brake levers and prefer the backpedalling motion, and can learn to use the single brake lever in their own time. However, do remember that they will need to learn to use two brake levers when they move onto the next sized bike.

Whilst the Scott Contessa/Roxter 14 bikes comes with stabilisers we’d recommend a balance bike instead if they’re not ready to pedal just yet. However, if your child has additional needs and cannot ride a balance bike, then the Contessa/Roxter is a great option.

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